Industrial Oil Gas Fired Boiler in Mongolia

Industrial oil gas fired boilers use condensing technology to recycle the heat in the boiler exhaust gas, which not only can reduce the boiler exhaust gas emissions, reduce the content of nitrogen oxides but also can reduce fuel consumption and lower operating costs. ZOZEN’s WNS and SZS series oil and gas boilers are condensing boilers with high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which are well received by users in various industries.

WNS low nitrogen condensing boiler adopts mature three-way full wet-back structure, low nitrogen burner with large furnace chamber and high-efficiency heat transfer threaded flue pipe, instillation of external flue gas circulation (FGR) or full premixed surface combustion technology principle. The boiler is matched with reasonable low-NOx burner flame, which fully reduces the combustion temperature in the high temperature area of the furnace flame as well as ensures the full combustion of fuel, effectively controlling the rise of NOx concentration, and the boiler is tested to fully meet the NOx≦30mg ultra-low NOx emission standard.

industrial oil gas fired steam boiler

industrial oil gas fired steam boiler

The combustion chamber of WNS gas boiler consists of large diameter full corrugated furnace shell, with large combustion space, complete fuel combustion, effective absorption of thermal expansion, and large radiant heated area. This pot shell has large diameter, large water capacity, strong adaptability to load changes and stable output. The design of high-efficiency heat transfer resistance small threaded flue pipe, and the use of high-quality seamless steel pipe, so that it has good heat transfer, low friction resistance, and extended service life.

The high thermal efficiency of this oil gas steam boiler can greatly save fuel, thus greatly reducing operating costs. Take a 1 ton oil gas steam boiler as an example, the natural gas consumption of ordinary boiler is 75.9Nm3/h (the low calorific value of natural gas is 8500kcal/Nm3), and the natural gas consumption of condensing boiler is 66Nm3/h. If the boiler runs 24 hours a day, using condensing boiler can save 237.6Nm3 of natural gas per day. but this value can only be used as a reference, each model boiler configuration is different, the exact gas consumption will be different.

oil gas fuel fire tube boiler

oil gas fuel fire tube boiler

Gas condensing boiler in Malasia has high and low water level alarm function, low water level interlock protection function and overpressure interlock protection function. In order to effectively monitor and control water level and pressure, this boiler is equipped with water level meter, electrode type water level control alarm, and also equipped with pressure gauge and pressure controller, so that the boiler has high and low water level alarm/low water level interlock protection and steam pressure overpressure interlock protection, automatic boiler ignition, automatic burner fire adjustment and flame out protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

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