Industrial Steam Boiler Price in Pakistan

ZOZEN brand industrial steam boilers have a good reputation in Pakistan and have successful projects in the local textile industry, feed industry and chemical industry. In order to better serve the Pakistani market, ZOZEN has a local office to provide more direct boiler service to customers. Steam boiler prices in Pakistan fully match the quality of boiler products and services. As a manufacturer with more than 30 years of boiler manufacturing experience, ZOZEN has always put customers’ usage needs first.

The 8 ton gas-fired steam boiler is used in a textile factory in Pakistan. The boiler has been successfully installed and put into use to provide high-temperature steam for the textile factory’s denim production processes, including wool burning, sizing, dyeing, drying and sizing. ZOZEN’s customized gas steam boiler for textile factory is a technically mature boiler model with a three-return wet-back structure and a large diameter corrugated combustion chamber to increase the combustion space to ensure full combustion of fuel, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler, which has been tested and the thermal efficiency of WNS series boilers can reach over 98%.

8 ton gas steam boiler in textile factory

8 ton gas steam boiler in textile factory

The 6 ton coal fired steam boiler used in the soap factory produces high temperature steam to safeguard the saponification process of soap processing. This SZL series coal-fired boiler can burn bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, etc., and has a wide range of fuel options, so local customers in Pakistan can choose the right fuel according to their actual needs.

ZOZEN’s SZL series steam boiler system, customized according to the actual needs of the customer’s production line, has a higher thermal efficiency of more than 5% compared to conventional boiler systems in the industry, achieving efficient conversion of thermal energy. At present, the steam boiler has successfully arrived in Lahore, Pakistan to complete the installation, has been put into formal operation in the production line, the installation of the whole process have ZOZEN boiler technicians on site to guide. The person in charge of the soap factory gave high praise to the ZOZEN boiler.

6 ton 12.5 bar coal boiler in soap factory

6 ton 12.5 bar coal boiler in soap factory

In fact, in addition to the Pakistani market, ZOZEN provides high quality industrial steam boilers to customers in many countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, UAE, etc. No matter what kind of industry production you need to use high efficiency steam boilers, you are welcome to contact us through online consultation, email, WhatsApp, etc. ZOZEN engineers will provide you with one-on-one consulting services to solve your problems quickly.

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