Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers For Sale

Oil fired hot water boilers adopts advanced technologies such as automatic combustion proportional regulation, automatic feed water regulation, program start and stop and automatic operation. The atmospheric pressure oil-fired hot water boilers also has the steam pressure and flameout and so on automatic protection function. The boiler is characterized by compact structure, simple operation, quick installation, less pollution, low noise and high efficiency.


Oil fired hot water boiler

Oil fired hot water boilers


This series of oil fired boilers are mainly composed of boiler body, connecting flue, burner, soda water system, instrument, economizer and condenser, etc. Clean combustion, discharge, easy operation, sufficient output. Generally use light diesel, heavy oil and so on as fuel.

In general, take 4 tons of oil-fired atmospheric pressure hot water boiler as an example. Let’s briefly introduce the significance of the model. CWNS 2.8-85/60-y and C stands for atmospheric pressure. W is for level; N is for internal combustion; S is for a chamber furnace; 2.8 represents the rated thermal power of 2.8MW; 85 means that the outlet water temperature is 85℃; 60 means the backwater temperature is 60℃; Y is for oil. Composition of heating system for oil fired hot water boilers: boiler, distribution manifold, radiator, temperature control system, etc.

This series of hot water boiler is equipped with burner and high degree of automation. Automatic purging, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, automatic regulation of air-fuel ratio, stable performance, good combustion effect. And has the flameout protection device, guarantees the operation. Users can set the start and stop time of the boiler. After the setup is completed, there is no special person on duty to save trouble and effort. The flame retardant spoiler is inserted into the fire tube to slow down smoke exhaust and enhance heat exchange. The smoke from the chamber has a lower temperature, which reduces heat loss and saves fuel.

Its water temperature can be displayed in large font, easy to grasp the running state of the boiler and system. The boiler can be fully automatic heating system, providing users with hot water for living and bathing. The control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the boiler water temperature. When the boiler water reaches the set upper limit, the hot water circulating pump starts and stops when the water temperature is lower than the set lower limit.


Oil fired hot water boiler sales

Oil hot water boiler sales


Oil fired hot water boilers is reliable and stable in operation, high in efficiency, wide in application and reasonable in price. It is one of the best-selling products trusted by customers. Zozen Boilers is high quality boilers manufacturer, testing means complete, product variety, can be provided according to the customer’s drawings for one-to-one boiler customized services. Welcome to consult purchasing.


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