Oil Fired Steam Boilers In Kenya

WNS series oil-fired boiler adopts horizontal three-return wet-back structure to improve the operating environment of the boiler, increase the efficiency and service life of the boiler. Oil fired boilers supply to Kenya, the boiler design is reasonable, all flue gas channels are placed in water. The tail is equipped with waste heat water tank and perfect insulation design. The labyrinthian structure is used to seal the smoke box to avoid the phenomenon of smoke leakage.


Oil fired boilers supply

Oil fired boilers supply


The thermal efficiency of this series of oil fired boilers is more than 90%, and the combination of corrugated and conical furnaces with good expansion performance is adopted. The size of the boiler furnace is consistent with the flame, and the flue gas flow area is reduced in order to make the flue gas flow at the same speed, so as to ensure the heat exchange time of the high temperature flue gas in the furnace and achieve the heat transfer effect. Adopt the high performance combustion machine matching the boiler completely, carry on the comprehensive automatic adjustment, make the combustion fully, save the fuel, reduce the pollution.

Oil fired steam boiler using high thermal insulation performance of ultramiclass glass wool, heat loss is smaller. Oil fired boilers supply quality, the use of intelligent energy saving control system, control of the boiler and steam supply system, combined with different loads to regulate fuel supply, more energy saving. The installation method is integral quick-loading boiler, with small vibration, no special requirements for foundation, no anchor bolt fixation, and easy installation. The movable burner structure can be used to match various burners. It is convenient to replace the burner and maintain the furnace body.

WNS series steam boiler before, after the smoke box adopts the movable detachable structure, can be convenient to check, maintenance, maintenance of the boiler inside, simple, convenient, novel product design, reasonable structure, good process performance, so that this product has outstanding quality, is the latest development of new products. Oil fired steam boiler is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, light industry, textile, building materials, breeding, food and beverage, plastic foam, printing and washing, rubber processing, paper making, wood processing, hotels, hotels, clothing and so on.

The series of steam boiler rear plate is equipped with explosion-proof device connected with the furnace, to prevent the fuel in the furnace intense deflagration, discharge moment of high energy, can be automatically reset. At the same time, it has the function of fire viewing mirror and overhaul passageway. It is convenient to maintain by adjusting the burning flame and checking the furnace chamber during operation. Oil fired steam boiler shell diameter is large, water capacity is large, adaptability to load changes is strong, output is stable, steam space volume is large, water interface and steam outlet net distance is high, steam humidity is small. The position of the boiler combustion chamber is arranged, and the water level is determined in accordance with the regulations. At the same time, it is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the water level fluctuation time of the norms and standards, and has sufficient safe precipitation space to ensure the safety of the operation of the boiler.


Oil fired steam boiler sales

Oil fired steam boiler sales


Oil fired boilers supply quality, combustion chamber by large diameter full corrugated furnace, combustion space is large, fuel combustion is complete, effective absorption of heat and thermal expansion, radiation heating surface. This series of boilers have large heating area, can fully absorb effective heat, low exhaust temperature, small heat loss, ensure sufficient output and high efficiency. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing and manufacturing various types of boiler products, reliable performance, reasonable price, and has a friendly relationship with many users, welcome you to consult and purchase.

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