Oil Fired Thermal Oil Boilers Supplier

YY(Q)W series oil fired thermal oil boiler adopts three-return circular tube structure, and the end of the coil tube is made of tapered coil tube, which effectively protects the furnace wall at the end of the boiler, and is equipped with advanced combustion devices, and the boiler operation is fully automated. Thermal oil boilers supplier specializing in the production of quality boiler products, full wet back structure, full bevel edge butt weld, reduce the tube plate temperature, prevent cracking.


Thermal oil boilers supplier

Thermal oil boilers supplier


This series of thermal oil boiler after the fuel is ignited by the burner during combustion, the flame formed is filled in the disk tube and transmits radiant heat through the wall of the tube, which is the first return journey. The high temperature flue gas generated by combustion converged at the rear door, and turned into the second return journey, namely the convective tube bundle area. After convection heat transfer, the flue gas temperature gradually decreased to the front door, and then turned into the third return journey tube bundle area, and then entered the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere through the energy saver.

The fuel oil thermal oil boiler chooses the whole factory, after the site is in place, only needs to connect the ventilation (oil) electricity to be able to put into operation. Thermal oil boilers supplier have strong technical force, large heating area and high thermal efficiency. The heating surface of the boiler mainly includes four parts: the radiation heating surface of the furnace, the heating surface of the first convective tube bundle, the heating surface of the second convective tube money, and the energy saver (waste heat boiler). A three – return wet – back structure is adopted to solve the problem of backburning caused by high ambient temperature. The heating surface adopts the dense row disk pipe, the heating surface is adequately arranged, reducing the heat load on the pipe surface, and it is safer to use.

Air preheater or waste heat boiler can be set at the end of the organic heat carrier boiler to improve the heat energy utilization efficiency. Adopt front and rear wide door design, convenient maintenance. Multiple safety protection functions are set, such as over-oil temperature alarm, over-smoke temperature alarm, low-flow alarm, liquid level protection, fire-extinguishing protection and system interlock. Professional industrial packaging design, stainless steel outsourcing, beautiful generous, anti – corrosion.

This series of industrial boilers and system produced by our company all adopt the advanced structure type, from the low-end manufacturing to the high-end intelligent manufacturing and the creation of intelligent high-end products, the selection of original imported burner and PLC automatic intelligent control system, safe and reliable operation, low noise, no pollution, high efficiency and energy saving, easy installation and operation. All the technical indicators meet or exceed the standard, creating a series of integrated, modular, intelligent high-end products, is the level of environmental protection.


Oil fired thermal oil boilers

Oil fired thermal oil boilers


Thermal oil boilers supplier is experienced in production, the boiler is easy to adjust and the heating is uniform, which can meet the precise process temperature. Liquid phase circulation heating, no condensation heat loss, heating system high thermal efficiency. There are technical measures in the system to compensate the changes of the volume caused by the heat transfer and temperature rise and fall of the working medium. Technical measures to strictly control air moisture and other low volatile matter content in working medium shall be taken before circulating heating. Welcome everyone to come to consult purchasing, Zozen Boilers products specializing in the production of various types of Boilers, dedicated to serving the masses of users to provide quality of boiler.

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