Steam Boiler of Economic Effect

Zozen Boilers steam boiler for sale, competitive price, safe and stable operation. A steam boiler is a type of boiler, but for all of us, we must have a comprehensive understanding and understanding. Because only in this way can we correctly operate and use the steam boilers, and at the same time, get good use in the product effects and economic effects. Rather than the wrong use of this type of boiler, and produce adverse effects or cause economic losses.


Steam boiler for sale

Steam boiler for sale


Generally speaking, the steam boiler can be divided into electric steam boiler, oil-fired steam boiler, gas-fired steam boiler and so on. According to the way of fuel supply can be divided into manual combustion steam boiler and automatic chain combustion steam boiler. According to the structure can be divided into vertical steam boilers, horizontal steam boilers, small steam boilers for single, double return vertical structure, large steam boilers for three return horizontal structure.

The difference between 4 tons and 6 tons of steam boilers, literally, is the boiler tonnage. If you continue to go deeper, then the rated power, the former can provide 4 tons of steam per hour, the latter It can provide 6 tons of steam per hour. Therefore, there are still many differences between these two different tonnage steam boilers.

The water level volume of a steam boiler for sale is mainly related to the product design of the boiler manufacturer and the specific type of boiler. For example, the coal-fired and oil-fired boilers in the steam boiler are definitely different in terms of water level volume. Therefore, there is no specific answer to this question. It can only be said that, according to past experience, the water level of oil-fired steam boilers is about 4 to 5 tons.

The make-up water temperature of a steam boiler has specific requirements, and generally has a prescribed upper limit. Moreover, the specific values ​​of different manufacturers are different, so you can consult the manufacturer first. However, under normal circumstances, it is required to be below 130 degrees Celsius. When the steam boiler is shut down, it is normal for air to enter, because, after the boiler is started, during the temperature rise and pressure increase, when the air door or the drain door is opened, the air will be discharged, and after this, the air Will enter the boiler again, so don’t worry about the adverse effects or consequences.


Steam boilers manufacturer

Steam boilers manufacturer


The steam boiler for sale work flow should have the following procedure, each procedure needs to be careful and patient. The raw water enters into the separator and the pipeline of the evaporator through the feed pump, and the liquid level is controlled by the connection of the liquid level sensor and PLC. The industrial boilers steam enters the shell side of the evaporator and heats the raw water in the pipe side to the evaporation temperature. The raw water is converted into steam. At low speed and in the high travel of the separator, the steam will separate the droplets by gravity and return to the raw water for re-evaporation. The steam then becomes pure steam and passes through a specially designed clean wire mesh unit to the top of the separator. Pure steam passes through the output line to each distribution system and service point.


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