Technical Features of Water Tube Steam Boiler

SZS series steam boiler series adopts double drum vertical “D” type layout structure, water, steam or soda mixture flow in the tube, flame and flue gas burning and flow outside the tube. Water tube steam boiler are curved water pipe, the cross section of the tube is smaller than the outside of the tube, the flow rate of soda water greatly increased. Steam generated on the heating surface is immediately washed away, which increases the heat absorption of the pot water.


Water tube steam boiler

Water tube steam boiler


SZS series steam boiler has very fast water flow rate and excellent water circulation system, high evaporation efficiency, strong performance to adapt to load changes, more suitable for the environment of high working pressure, boiler heat absorption rate and high thermal efficiency. This series of boiler products use more than 95% automatic welding equipment, each boiler is tested before leaving the factory, to ensure 100% qualified rate. The boiler is composed of body, energy saver, condenser, burner, control system and valve instrument to ensure the best running state of the boiler.

The furnace of water tube steam boiler is placed outside the cylinder body. The volume of the furnace can be large or small, which can meet the demand of combustion and large evaporation. Steam boiler to hold water vapor tube as heating surface, drum is not directly heated, heat transfer and safety performance have been significantly improved. Water tube boiler has low requirements for fuel equipment and combustion chamber, and can be designed freely according to demand, and the combustion is more complete. A large number of heat transfer pipes are arranged in the furnace body, with large heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency, thus saving a lot of fuel costs. In terms of heating area, furnace water holding is not much, steam occurs quickly, once disaster occurs, the degree of damage is small.

The boiler wall pipe of water tube boiler adopts membrane wall structure, which has quite good bearing capacity and is more suitable for high working pressure environment. At the same time, the furnace body has a good sealing structure, micro positive pressure combustion boiler operation will not occur smoke leakage, air leakage undesirable phenomenon. SZS type water tube boiler with condensation technology, the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler has been greatly improved. The condenser can not only absorb a lot of sensible heat in the flue gas, but also absorb sufficient latent heat of the flue gas. The boiler efficiency is much higher than that of the ordinary boiler, and the condensing recovery device adopts ND steel which is more acid resistant and hydrogen ion corrosion, and the service life of the boiler can be extended to 20 years.


SZS type water tube boiler

SZS type water tube boiler


The water tube steam boiler has large water capacity and adopts natural circulation, and the hydrodynamics of heating surface is safe and reliable. The series of steam boilers are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, tobacco, wine, paper, steel, coking, electric power, universities, hotels, public facilities and other industrial and civil heating. SZS type boiler is divided into body and economizer and other accessories. The body is composed of furnace and single loop convection heating surface. Economizer is assembled and transported to realize the whole factory and ensure the quality of the boiler. Small positive pressure combustion, small smoke wind resistance. Boiler smoke, air system only installed blower, furnace in micro positive pressure, reduce boiler air leakage, improve boiler efficiency.

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