WNS Gas Boilers Exported To Indonesia

I plant WNS series gas boiler exported to Indonesia, and customers to establish a friendly relationship of cooperation. The Indonesia customer is a large enterprise focus seafood products processing, after a long run, the original boiler has been old, can’t meet the needs of production, after the enterprise customers’ visit and comprehensive understanding of many times, and eventually Zozen Boilers to sign the contract, buy our being as a series of gas boiler heating equipment. Zozen Boilers gas boilers for sale, stable operation, safe and reliable use.


Gas boilers for sale

Gas boilers for sale


In order to meet the production schedule of Indonesian customers, Zozen Boilers after receiving orders, immediately put into production, the boiler workshop employees work overtime to shorten the time limit for a project, through the efforts of the 30 days was finished ahead of time being for the manufacture of gas boiler. Gas boilers for sale and exported to distant countries, providing sufficient power support for the processing and production of seafood products for Indonesian customers, winning the trust of customers and establishing a good brand reputation.

WNS series boiler adopts three-return structure, large volume design of combustor, making combustion more sufficient. The advanced corrugated furnace structure not only increases the heat transfer area, but also satisfies the free expansion after the furnace is heated. The smoke pipe uses the thread structure, enhances the heat transfer effect. The whole boiler adopts the wet-back structure with full bevel butt-weld, high reliability and low maintenance cost.

The gas-fired boiler is equipped with a rear view device for easy observation of combustion conditions. Designed over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, leak detection, flameout and other protective functions, the boiler operation is safe and reliable. The boiler package is beautiful and elegant, equipped with imported burner with good automatic control, realizing full automatic operation. This series of industrial boilers have high thermal efficiency, stable output and strong load adaptability.


Gas fired steam boiler Priced

Gas fired steam boiler Priced


Horizontal gas fired boiler is the most convenient, energy saving, efficient, safe, green and environmental protection product in modern industrial steam boiler. At present, it is being used more and more widely in various countries. Gas boilers for sale widely used, mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, biological engineering, food industry, chemical industry, plastic industry, paint and automobile industry, leqing industry, clothing manufacturing, institutions, schools and other places.

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