10 tph Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler

The two sides of the furnace of the SZL type coal-fired boiler adopt a membrane water-cooled wall structure, which not only improves the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increases the volume and heating surface of the furnace. What’s better is that the front and rear walls are arranged with secondary air (controlled by the valve), which not only makes the fuel fully burn out, but also improves the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency. It also reduces the input of fuel cost, and reduces the generation of waste and slag. The 10 tph chain grate boiler also has the advantages of high automation level, safe and stable operation, and perfect protection function. It has become an ideal choice for many enterprises to buy boilers.


10 tph chain grate boiler

10 tph chain grate boiler


The heating surface of the coal-fired boiler is arranged in convection, with high heat exchange efficiency and stable operation efficiency of the boiler. The coal-fired steam boiler adopts a chain grate panel, and the front and rear smoke box panels are all cut by a CNC plasma cutting machine. The volume of the drum is large and the internal devices are complete. The boiler has the functions of automatic adjustment of water supply, automatic alarm of high and low water levels, automatic protection of overpressure, and automatic protection of flameout.

SZL series boilers run smoothly and have a certain overload operation capacity. The front and rear arches of the 10 tph chain grate boiler are reasonably matched, and the coverage rate of the furnace supply is large. This series of boiler products has high furnace temperature, double drum arrangement, high combustion efficiency, and saves 5-10% of operating costs. The cross-section ratio of the descending surface of each heating surface to the rising pipe is reasonable, and the combustion conditions are stable. The air volume required for different combustion stages of different fuels in each air chamber can be adjusted artificially, and the transverse wind pressure is consistent, and there will be no partial burning.

The water cooling system of the chain grate steam boiler includes the front water wall tube, the side water wall, the convection tube bundle, the upper and lower drums, the downcomer and the header. The combustion system includes a hopper, a chain grate, and a grate drive. SZL series coal-fired boiler chain grate is a large grate piece. The front and rear wheelbase of the grate is 8.46m, the effective width is 2.1m, and the designed coal burning capacity is 3504.731kg/h. The bottom of the grate is divided into 8 independent air chambers, and the air is distributed according to the combustion conditions. The air intake method is bilateral air intake, and the air intake is uniform. The front of the furnace is provided with a hopper, a gate and a loosening device to adjust the thickness of the material layer entering the grate. The speed of the grate is controlled and adjusted by the reduction box. The burnt slag is discharged into the slag hopper.


SZL type coal-fired boiler

SZL type coal-fired boiler


The 10 tph chain grate boiler adopts the lower support method and can freely expand upwards. The application of the finned tube steel tube waste heat exchanger can effectively control the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The economizer adopts streamlined fin type cast iron economizer, the length is 2000m, and the material is HT200. The boiler has a rich heating surface and a large enough space for steam and water, which more reliably ensures the stability of the boiler’s operating parameters. The whole boiler is seated on a very rigid base, which is convenient for installation and transportation. And the structure of quick installation and semi-assembly can effectively shorten the installation cycle.

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