1000kg/hr Horizontal Fire Tube Boiler

Horizontal internal combustion three return fire tube boiler is a small and medium fuel gas boiler which is improved by our factory with advanced experience and technology at home and abroad. It has been widely used in industry, family, hotel, hospital and other departments and places. And has been sold in southeast Asia and other places. Horizontal fire tube boiler has stable quality and good technical performance. It is a kind of oil and gas boiler with wide application, complete variety and high efficiency.


Horizontal fire tube boiler

Horizontal fire tube boiler


The flue gas flow of fire tube boiler generally adopts three return layout. Full butt – weld wet-back structure, corrugated tube furnace. The optimized combination of threaded tube and light tube is adopted in convection zone, which has long flue gas flow and good heat transfer effect. This series of boiler products can use fuel oil according to user requirements. Such as light oil, heavy oil or residual oil. Can also use all kinds of gas, such as natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas and so on. Two fuels can also be used simultaneously or interchangeably. According to different requirements, different burners can be configured.

Horizontal fire tube boiler for the integral type. Boiler body, front smoke box, external insulation, ladder platform and base are all assembled and ready to leave the factory. Condensing energy saver, valve meter, burner, control equipment and other auxiliary components are pre-installed in the factory and dismantled, and assembled at the user site. The heating surface in the drum of this type of fire tube boiler is mainly divided into three heat exchange parts: waveform furnace, combustion chamber, two return smoke pipe. During operation, the high temperature flue gas burning in the furnace enters the secondary return flue gas pipe from the return combustion chamber. It then goes through the front flue, transition flue, condensing economizer, chimney and finally into the atmosphere.

This series of boiler products are equipped with perfect automatic control device and safety protection device. With high and low water level alarm and low water level chain protection function. Through a series of technical means, the exhaust temperature can be reduced to below 60 degrees. Effectively improve the thermal efficiency, effectively save the boiler operation cost for users. Harvest food, paper, feed, medicine, rubber, chemical and other industries.


1000kg hr fire tube boiler

1000kg hr fire tube boiler


Parameter range of 1000kg/hr fire tube boiler: rated evaporation is 1~20t/h, rated pressure is 0.7 ~ 2.45mpa. Steam temperature is saturation or superheat temperature. Horizontal fire tube boiler auxiliary equipment is complete. In addition to the burner, control cabinet, chimney. Also according to user requirements can be complete configuration of oil and water supply system auxiliary machine. The boiler operation flue gas has part of CO2, NOX, SO2 and other harmful components dissolved in condensed water, effectively reduce the emission of air pollutants. Large – size furnace structure and flue gas recirculation technology are adopted. For gas-fired boilers, ultra-low nitrogen emissions can be achieved. NOX emission ≤30mg/Nm3, fully in line with the increasingly strict national environmental protection requirements.

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