SZL Series Biomass Wood Chip Boiler

ZOZNE Biomass Wood Chip Boiler

Product thermal capacity: 6-35 t/h

Working pressure: 1-2.5 MPa

Available fuel: Biomass molding granules, wood chip, corn cob, saw dust, palm shells, rice husk, etc.

Available industries: Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, print and dyeing, feed, medicine, building materials, wine, hospital

Biomass Wood Chip Boiler Introduction

The SZL Series Biomass Wood Chip Boiler is suitable for various biomass fuels, including wood chips, straw, rice husk, and more. Users can choose the most suitable fuel based on available resources, achieving environmentally friendly and sustainable energy utilization. The boiler adopts special combustion equipment and design to achieve efficient combustion of biomass wood chips, maximizing the release of thermal energy and improving energy utilization efficiency. The SZL Series Biomass Wood Chip Boiler is a water tube boiler capable of generating high-pressure and high-temperature steam to meet industrial production and heating demands.

Biomass Wood Chip Boiler Technical Features

Environmentally Sustainable: The SZL Series biomass wood chip boiler utilizes biomass fuels such as wood chips, sawdust, and straw, which are renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, burning biomass fuels significantly reduces emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, resulting in a smaller environmental impact.

High Energy Efficiency: This series of boilers employ special boiler design and combustion technology to maximize the energy utilization of biomass fuels. They feature efficient combustion systems and smoke circulation structures that effectively release thermal energy and improve heat efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Flexible Adaptation to Different Needs: The SZL Series biomass wood chip boiler offers a range of specifications and capacities, allowing it to flexibly adapt to the requirements of different projects. Whether for small-scale industrial applications or large-scale commercial purposes, suitable specifications and capacities can be selected according to actual needs to meet the heat energy demands of various scenarios.

Comprehensive Safety Protection Equipment: This series of boilers is equipped with multiple safety protection measures, including overheating protection, overpressure protection, and low water level protection, ensuring safe and reliable boiler operation. Additionally, they are equipped with automatic control systems and intelligent operating interfaces, facilitating the operation and monitoring of the boiler’s operational status and providing comprehensive safety assurance.

SZL Series Biomass Wood Chip Boiler Specification

Model Rated thermal power (t/h) Rated working pressure (MPa) Rated steam temperature (℃) Maximum transport dimension (m)
SZL6-1.25-SCⅢ 6 1.25 194 6.20×2.80×3.65
SZL6-1.6-SCⅢ 6 1.6 204 6.20×2.80×3.65
SZL6-2.5-SCⅢ 6 2.5 225 6.20×2.80×3.65
SZL8-1.25-SCⅢ 8 1.25 194 7.10×3.52×3.65
SZL8-1.6-SCⅢ 8 1.6 204 7.10×3.52×3.65
SZL8-2.5-SCⅢ 8 2.5 225 7.10×3.52×3.65
SZL10-1.25-SCⅢ 10 1.25 194 7.90×3.52×3.65
SZL10-1.6-SCⅢ 10 1.6 204 7.90×3.52×3.65
SZL10-2.5-SCⅢ 10 2.5 225 7.90×3.52×3.65
SZL12-1.25-SCⅢ 12 1.25 194 8.80×3.52×3.65
SZL12-1.6-SCⅢ 12 1.6 204 8.80×3.52×3.65
SZL12-2.5-SCⅢ 12 2.5 225 8.80×3.52×3.65
SZL15-1.25-SCⅢ 15 1.25 194 9.60×3.20×3.65
SZL15-1.6-SCⅢ 15 1.6 204 9.60×3.20×3.65
SZL15-2.5-SCⅢ 15 2.5 225 9.60×3.20×3.65
SZL20-1.25-SCⅢ 20 1.25 194 10.65×3.28×3.60
SZL20-1.6-SCⅢ 20 1.6 204 10.65×3.28×3.60
SZL20-2.5-SCⅢ 20 2.5 225 10.65×3.28×3.60
SZL25-1.25-SCⅢ 25 1.25 194 11.65×3.80×3.60
SZL25-1.6-SCⅢ 25 1.6 204 11.65×3.80×3.60
SZL25-2.5-SCⅢ 25 2.5 225 11.65×3.80×3.60
SZL30-1.25-SCⅢ 30 1.25 194 10.00×3.36×3.60
SZL30-1.6-SCⅢ 30 1.6 204 10.00×3.36×3.60
SZL30-2.5-SCⅢ 30 2.5 225 10.00×3.36×3.60
SZL35-1.25-SCⅢ 35 1.25 194 10.00×3.65×3.85
SZL35-1.6-SCⅢ 35 1.6 204 10.00×3.65×3.85
SZL35-2.5-SCⅢ 35 2.5 225 10.00×3.65×3.85

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