Heavy Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturer

WNS series heavy oil boiler adopts wet back structure to absorb heat expansion effectively and ensure boiler thermal efficiency. The heavy oil steam boiler adopts the threaded pipe with high heat transfer coefficient to enhance the convective heat transfer effect, reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The large volume combustor adopts full ripple furnace structure, which increases the heating area, has good disturbance, enhances the heat transfer, and has high thermal efficiency.


Heavy oil steam boiler

Heavy oil steam boiler


This series of industrial steam boiler combustor adopts high quality and reliable international famous brand, which makes fuel combustion complete, high combustion efficiency, less harmful pollutants of flue gas and noiseless operation. Complete fuel valve set and protection system: complete fuel valve set and accessories from filter, pressure regulating valve and solenoid valve are provided to ensure the safety of fuel combustion.

Heavy oil steam boiler bevel butt weld, improve the reliability of the boiler. The combustion chamber of this series boiler is designed with large volume and low position, which increases the safe water level range inside the boiler and minimizes the possibility of accidents caused by water shortage. The heavy oil boiler is provided with manhole, head hole and hand hole device, and movable smoke box door is set in front and behind, which is convenient for inspecting and cleaning inside the furnace. The explosion-proof device has the function of fire-viewing mirror and overhaul channel, which can adjust the burning flame and facilitate the furnace inspection and maintenance.

This series of industrial oil fired boiler body for boiler shell type full wet back downstream three return pyrotechnical tube structure, flame in large combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion, full extension, low burning heat load, less NOx emission harmful substances. The corrugated furnace and threaded pipe structure are adopted to improve the strength and meet the needs of thermal expansion of each part. The butt joint is adopted in the welding of the main welds, and the non-destructive inspection by X-ray and ultrasonic is conducted to ensure the welding quality meets the standard requirements.

Industrial WNS series boiler has large water volume and gas space and strong capacity to adapt to load. Reasonable design of boiler installation, to ensure that the steam water rate is less than 4%, to meet the higher requirements of users on the quality of steam. New heat insulation material, light weight, less heat loss, good heat insulation performance. The water level alarm adopts stainless steel as electrode rod and teflon as insulation material. Inserted from the top, not easy to hang dirt, reliable performance, long service life.


Industrial WNS series boiler sales

Industrial WNS series boiler sales


Heavy oil steam boiler before and after the smoke box for the hinge connection, can be easily opened, maintenance and maintenance convenient and fast. The system can successfully monitor the oxygen content in the boiler flue gas, and transmit the data to the control system in real time, through the intelligent analysis of the computer, automatically adjust the ratio of combustion equipment, so that in the best working condition, the combustion efficiency is greatly improved, so as to greatly reduce the consumption of fuel. Zozen Boilers is specialized in producing all kinds of boiler with high quality products, products are exported to more than 100 countries of the world, gain numerous unanimous favorable comment of customers and trust, welcome everybody to come to consult.

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