5 Ton Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

The gas-fired thermal oil furnace is on the heating surface of the boiler body, and the structure is very compact. Because the heating surface is composed of discs closely arranged inside and outside, the inner coil is the radiation heating surface, and the outer coil is the convection heating surface with the outer surface of the inner coil. The body and combustion chamber of the 5 ton thermal oil boiler are arranged up and down separately and can be assembled on site.


5 ton thermal oil boiler

5 ton thermal oil boiler


Main features of 5 ton thermal oil boiler

  1. The installation is simple and convenient, and the cycle is short. And, due to its structure, it can improve the safety factor in use.
  2. Since the medium flow of the gas-fired thermal oil furnace is reasonable, it can greatly improve the thermal efficiency. In addition, it is generally used for insulating combustion, which can fully burn and fully utilize heat.
  3. There are also coils on the top of the gas-fired thermal oil furnace to protect the top from being burned out.

Gas thermal oil furnace can be said to be an industrial boiler. And can be used in petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, rubber and food processing industries. This series of thermal oil boilers belong to a new type of heating equipment. The thermal oil is a once-through industrial boiler that uses the circulating oil pump to force the liquid phase to circulate as the heat carrier, and transmits the heat energy to the heating equipment and then reheats it.

This series of boiler products are mainly used for the heating of crude oil and natural gas and the processing, storage and transportation of mineral oil in the industry. Heat transfer oil is used in refineries to preheat cold materials and has been successfully used to heat solvent and extractant evaporation units in lubricating oil manufacturing. It has been widely used as a heat transfer medium in modern industrial production.


Gas-fired thermal oil furnace

Gas-fired thermal oil furnace


In the chemical industry, it is mainly used for distillation, evaporation, polymerization, condensation/demulsification, lipidation, drying, melting, dehydrogenation, forced heat preservation, and heating of synthetic devices such as pesticides, intermediates, antioxidants, surfactants, and fragrances. .

The 5 ton thermal oil boiler uses thermal oil for heating, which has the advantages of uniform heating and simple operation. At the same time, it also has the advantages of safety and environmental protection, energy saving, high temperature control accuracy, low operating pressure, etc., and has been well received by the majority of users.

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