5 Tons 12bar Pressure Gas Fired Steam Boiler

5 tons gas steam boiler fuel ejected from the burner, ignited by the electronic ignition rod, in the furnace liner slightly positive pressure combustion, after burning the high temperature flue gas from the combustion chamber turn 180 degrees into the second and third return thread pipe, from the upper part of the rear smoke box turn into the energy saver after heat exchange through the chimney into the atmosphere. 12bar gas fired boiler waveform furnace and backcombustion chamber are return, the second and third return are threaded smoke pipe, the upper part of the boiler is arranged with energy saver.


12bar gas fired boiler

12bar gas fired boiler


The boiler body in the overall structure of the lower furnace, smoke pipe symmetrical arrangement of the form, the drum by φ2708×12 cylinder and φ2700×16 before and after the tube plate assembly welding. The first return is corrugated furnace, which is composed of φ1200×12 corrugated furnace. The structure of corrugated furnace not only increases the heat transfer area, but also satisfies the free expansion of the furnace after heating. The combustion chamber of gas fired boiler is composed of φ2000×14 inner front and inner back tube plates and φ1996×16 cylinder body. Adopting the wet-back form, it avoids the direct scouring of high temperature flue gas on the rear flue gas box, and improves the reliability of boiler operation. The second and third return routes are composed of 304 smoke tubes with φ63.5×3 thread respectively. Threaded smoke tube can greatly enhance heat transfer, so as to reduce the heating area, make the boiler compact structure, save steel. The economizer is arranged at the tail of the boiler. The economizer is composed of 132 φ32, L=900mm spiral finned tubes, which greatly increases the heating surface and reduces the smoke exhaust temperature of the boiler.

The boiler products is composed of pressure body, base, packaging and heat preservation, flue, instrument valve and accessories, front smoke box, back smoke box, platform ladder, economizer and electric control system. 12bar gas fired boiler adopts aluminum silicate fiberboard as insulation material, which has good insulation performance, light weight and convenient transportation and installation. Boiler burner adopts high quality burner, high degree of automation, from pre-purge, ignition, automatic fire conversion to automatic stop and flameout protection, can realize automatic control.

In order to effectively monitor and control water level and pressure, gas fired steam boiler is equipped with water level meter (plate water level meter, two-color water level meter), water level control alarm. The boiler has high and low water level alarm and low water level chain protection function; Steam overpressure alarm and interlock protection function; Also equipped with pressure gauge, pressure controller and gas path, waterway flow meter, can fully meet the requirements of monitoring and control.


WNS series steam boiler

WNS series steam boiler


12bar gas fired boiler water supply oxygen content <16%, boiler body material selection of silicon aluminum alloy and other materials, more corrosion resistant. WNS series steam boiler combustion chamber completely immersed in water, excellent cooling conditions, boiler operation environment greatly improved, increase boiler service life. Boiler smoke box door and panel adopt double-layer sealing structure, intelligent welding equipment welding at one time, prevent air leakage and smoke leakage. Welcome the majority of users to come to my factory consulting procurement, artificial customer service online at any time for your service!

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