Automatic Oil and Gas Boiler Manufacturers

WNS type oil gas fired boiler is a shell type large-opening boiler designed by Zozen Boilers based on advanced technology and experience. The oil and gas boiler is a horizontal internal combustion boiler that uses light oil, natural gas, city gas, etc. as fuel.

The internal wet back combustion design of the automatic oil-fired gas boiler allows the flue gas to return three times in the furnace. At the same time, a threaded tube is used as the heat transfer tube, and the heat transfer tube is evenly and symmetrically distributed on the left and right sides. Extend the flue gas flow, increase the convection heating surface of the boiler, make the flue gas in a turbulent state, strengthen heat transfer and facilitate self-cleaning of the furnace tube.


Oil and gas boiler

Oil and gas boiler


In terms of automatic control, the WNS boiler has automatic protection measures such as water level alarm, ultra-high pressure alarm, and automatic start and stop, which can fully guarantee the safe operation of the equipment during use. Oil and gas boiler have become a popular product for customers in various fields due to their safety, convenience, and energy-saving characteristics.

This series of boiler products use a quick-installation structure, leaving the factory as a whole, making installation and transportation more convenient, and also saves customers the space area of ​​the boiler room. The boiler adopts corrugated furnace bladder and threaded flue pipe, which has good heat exchange effect and is conducive to expansion. The combustion equipment adopts imported burners, which can realize fully automatic combustion control. The WNS type boiler is equipped with automatic water supply, water level and overpressure alarms and other devices, which can operate safely and effectively.

WNS series industrial boilers are widely used in food processing, feed mills, glass processing, schools, government agencies, industrial parks and other industries. The production of our products adopts advanced numerical control cutting, milling, automatic submerged arc welding, argon arc welding, smoke tube tube sheet welding and other new technologies and new processes to ensure the quality of the products. The boiler has good thermal flexibility, the tube sheet and the cylinder adopt a plate edge connection mechanism, and the main welding seam of the main body is a butt joint structure, all of which are welded by submerged arc automatic welding.


WNS type boiler

WNS type boiler


The oil and gas boiler adopts an electromechanical integrated structure, which is generous in appearance and compact in structure. This type of boiler occupies less space, is convenient to transport, and has less capital investment. It not only follows the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, but also meets the thermal energy required by the project. Zozen Boilers has an internationally advanced large-scale continuous-span steel structure production plant with good lighting and reasonable layout. The supporting production equipment is excellent and well-equipped, with more than 1,100 sets of various types of equipment, multiple sets of various types of flaw detection and testing equipment such as 400KVA; and many sets of various types of flaw detection and testing equipment, welcome everyone to come to our factory for consultation and purchase!

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