Best 3 Ton Oil Fired Boiler Efficiency

WNS oil-fired steam boiler refers to an oil-fired steam boiler with a horizontal internal combustion chamber burner, that is to say, the boiler is a horizontal type and the combustion method is an internal combustion chamber burner. The oil-fired boiler efficiency and scientific overall structure design. Adopting a three-pass wet back structure design, the boiler’s combustion chamber is composed of a large-diameter corrugated furnace, which not only increases the combustion space but also enables the fuel to be fully burned, further absorbs thermal expansion, and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Due to the scientific and reasonable furnace structure, large heating space and high-performance burners, this series of oil-fired boilers can fully mix fuel and air, increase the combustion rate, and increase its thermal efficiency. Its thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%.


Oil-fired boiler efficiency

Oil-fired boiler efficiency


3 Ton oil-fired boiler has a larger heating area, which can better absorb heat, and will lower the exhaust gas temperature, reduce heat loss, and ensure sufficient output, fast steam generation, and high quality. This series of boiler products have multiple protection devices, such as over-temperature, water shortage, flameout, over-pressure protection devices, and automatic reset function, which can further improve the safety rate of the boiler. This type of boiler meets environmental protection requirements and has the advantage of low environmental pollution. Since the fuel it uses is clean energy, it is an environmentally friendly boiler product and meets air pollution standards.

The oil-fired boiler efficiency can reach 98%, with high environmental protection and ultra-low energy emissions. Imported ultra-low nitrogen burners are used, and the emission of nitrogen oxides and the main emissions of the boiler are far below the national standard, clean and environmentally friendly, and meet the increasingly stringent environmental emission requirements in the future. WNS boilers can achieve ultra-low nitrogen emission requirements at full power, and are the first choice for users to transform boilers. Through the exclusive design of the large combustion chamber, the heating surface of the boiler is larger than that of other manufacturers, thus greatly improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The tail part is equipped with a flue gas condensation recovery device, which can effectively control the temperature of the exhaust gas and make the boiler high in thermal efficiency. The imported automatic burner is used to electronically adjust the water supply, and the combustion efficiency is high. The intelligent automatic control system has high control accuracy and can set the boiler operation control parameters, which is convenient and fast, ensuring that the boiler operation is in the safest and most economical state.

WNS series boiler greatly saves fuel consumption and reduces fuel cost through reasonable design. At the same time, the use of a number of safety alarm devices, excellent components and instrument lights, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler, set up a variety of temperature, pressure collection points, water level detection lights focus on real-time alarm or participate in the control. Five in one frequency conversion control technology and intelligent automatic operating system can design boiler operation control parameters. The change of logic relation of five in one can run automatically when switch machine, stop furnace and change load, so that the boiler is safer.


3 Ton oil-fired boiler

3 Ton oil-fired boiler


Oil-fired boiler efficiency, high reliability, low maintenance costs, full combustion, and automatic operation. This type of oil fired boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, pharmaceutical factories, building materials factories, hotels, canteens, restaurants and other enterprises and institutions. When the WNS series oil fired boiler is running, the fuel enters the burner from the external air source and generates high-temperature flame through automatic adjustment and automatic ignition. The upper part of the box body enters the second convective heating surface and leaves the boiler from the back of the rear smoke box to the chimney to be discharged into the atmosphere. If the smoke and dust are generated due to improper air adjustment, they can settle in the front and rear smoke boxes and burnout chambers respectively, and all can be cleaned by opening the inspection door.

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