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Wood pellet steam boiler, also known as horizontal biomass steam boiler, is a product in steam boilers and is classified according to fuel type. The biomass pellet steam boiler is a boiler product that burns biomass pellets. The biomass pellets are processed from crop straw, peanut shells, wood chips and other wastes. Its cost is relatively low, which also reduces the operating cost of the horizontal biomass fired pellet steam boiler.


Biomass pellet steam boiler

Biomass pellet steam boiler


The wood pellet boiler has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. It adopts gasification combustion technology and scientifically and rationally designs the gasification rotary combustion chamber. In this way, the fuel can be more fully burned, which has the advantage of energy saving.

Horizontal pellet steam boilers have lower operating costs. Its operating cost is similar to that of coal-fired boilers, and it is the boiler product with the highest operating cost among the currently used boiler products. Compared with gas boilers and oil-fired boilers, its operating costs will be reduced by about half. For electric boilers, its operating cost will be one-fourth of that of electric boilers. The biggest feature of biomass pellet steam boiler is energy saving and emission reduction, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

The use of biomass boilers has shown an increasing pattern, mainly because with the strengthening of environmental policies, coal-fired boilers used by many enterprises have been eliminated and banned. Enterprise users want to find a new type of boiler product that is environmentally friendly and has lower operating costs. At this time, biomass boilers have followed the trend and have developed rapidly.

This series of boiler products are equipped with advanced gasification rotary combustion chamber and built-in secondary air distribution. This makes the fuel burn more fully and saves energy. Since the fuel burned by biomass boilers is biomass particles, and biomass particles are renewable and clean energy, biomass boilers have the advantages of environmental protection and cleanliness. It conforms to air pollution policy standards and is an environmentally friendly boiler product.


Wood pellet steam boiler

Wood pellet steam boiler


The biomass pellet steam boiler has a digital integrated controller. The combustion conditions can be carried out according to the program set by the user, and the operation is simple. It can be automatically ignited, automatically loaded, and automatically cleaned, which has the advantage of saving time and effort. The design of this series of steam boilers is reasonable and conforms to the maximum combustion standard, which can further increase the heating area of ​​the boiler and has a beautiful appearance.

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