Biomass Fired Boilers Price

In general, according to the structure of biomass fired boilers can be divided into horizontal biomass boiler, vertical biomass boiler. According to the type can be divided into biomass gas thermal oil furnace, biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass thermal oil furnace.

This series of industrial boilers can be automatically controlled for feeding, combustion, slag removal, water supply and ignition, which is easy to operate and reduces the labor intensity of the stoker. Biomass boiler is also equipped with an automatic ash cleaning device, which can timely remove the ash accumulated on the heating surface of the boiler, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the boiler. There are energy saving devices at the end of the boiler, and we can also arrange air preheater according to customer requirements. Compared with traditional boilers, biomass boilers have higher efficiency and lower exhaust temperature.


Biomass fired boilers

Biomass fired boilers


Biomass Fired Boilers Economic Benefits

Low cost

This abandoned agricultural and forestry straw waste as a fuel has changed the situation of the dominance of the original fossil fuel. This fuel is easy to obtain and obtain, and because of the wide source, the cost of fuel is much lower than that of using coal and oil and gas. For material boiler companies, it is also a great shortcut to reduce investment costs.

Big gain

First of all, for enterprises, the reduction in fuel costs can greatly save costs. Taking a four-ton oil-fired boiler as an example, it takes about 88 kg of heavy oil for each ton of steam produced, at a market price of 4,750 yuan/ton. One ton is equal to 1000kg, then the cost of producing one ton of steam is 88kgx4.75 yuan = 418 yuan/ton. Using biomass boilers, the minimum cost savings is 40%, that is, 418 yuan per ton of steam x60% = 250 yuan / ton, and the annual cost savings can be 2.4 million yuan. It still has advantages over natural gas. The same is the case of a four-ton natural gas boiler. , You can save about 1.8 million yuan per year. For farmers, selling these nowhere piled wastes to the market for processing into biomass pellet fuel can increase their income and improve their living standards.

Significant social and environmental benefits

In addition to the economic benefits mentioned above, biomass boilers also have higher social benefits. Since biomass particulate clean energy is used, the emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides are much lower than those of fossil fuels. It has a significant effect on purifying air quality and improving the deteriorating living environment. At the same time, changing the burning of the original straw materials reduces the emission of dust and dense smoke, which is also very beneficial for reducing PM2.5.


Biomass boiler for sale

Biomass boiler for sale


The boiler is made of high efficiency insulation material with low surface temperature and minimal heat dissipation loss. All boiler products in our factory are produced in accordance with the specifications and standards. All the pressurized parts are made of high quality boiler materials. All boilers are subject to strict inspection and testing before they go out of the factory. Biomass boiler overall structure layout is reasonable, set manhole, inspection door, fire hole, maintenance is very convenient. Energy-saving, environmental protection, easy installation is the biggest characteristic of this boiler product.

Zozen Boilers manufacturing advantages of biomass fired boilers significantly, the price is reasonable, safe and stable operation, efficient energy conservation and environmental protection. Is worthy of the customer’s trust in the high quality boiler manufacturers. We are professional production various types industry boilers, complete qualification certification. If you need buy boilers, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the best quality service.


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