Biomass Fired Steam Boilers Used in Chemical Industry

Biomass fired steam boiler through reasonable arrangement of heating surface and combustion device, effectively improve the boiler thermal efficiency. Horizontal biomass steam boilers adopts high efficiency threaded smoke pipe, the boiler thermal efficiency is 2-5 percentage points higher than the specified standard. This type of boiler through reasonable smoke speed design, so that the boiler heating surface does not accumulate ash, do not wear, under the condition of no ash blowing, can maintain high efficiency, full load, safe operation for a long time. At the same time, the combustion equipment using high strength large block grate or phosphorus plate grate, the large grate with roller device, improve the safety of the grate, less leakage, convenient combustion adjustment.


Horizontal biomass steam boilers

Horizontal biomass steam boilers


This series steam boiler adopts tall furnace, easy to design reasonable furnace arch according to different fuel, improve fuel burning degree and eliminate black smoke. DZL series steam boiler furnace exit dust inertia separation, effectively reduce the exhaust dust concentration and reduce the rear heating surface wear. The overall structure of the boiler is compact, the use of quick assembly or assembly factory, easy installation, shorten the installation cycle. Large water volume is conducive to power failure protection and strong ability to adapt to load changes. Boiler rear equipped with multi pipe dust collector, cloth bag dust collector, flue gas emissions better than the national standard, in line with the national environmental requirements.

Horizontal biomass steam boilers production automation degree is high, high safety, durable. The feed water of biomass fired boiler is controlled by microcomputer and automatically enters water. The normal service life of the boiler is about 20 years. DZL series boiler combustion process is mainly by the coal from the coal hopper fell in the front of the grate, with the grate operation. Coal after preheating distillation, fire, burn out, cinder into the slag bucket, by the slag removal machine. The pipe is in the front and the front between the rear arches to form eddy currents and fully mix with the air, and heat the front arch to improve the ignition conditions. Through the smoke window on the arch, it enters the left or two wing convection tube bundles, through the side smoke box and front smoke box into the threaded smoke pipe, through the economizer and dust collector, and is led to the chimney by the induced draft fan for discharge.

The lower part of the series of boiler products because of the arrangement of rising pipe, eliminate the dead water area at the bottom of the drum, so that the sludge is not easy to deposit, the high temperature area of the boiler can get good cooling, prevent the lower part of the boiler bulge. Biomass fired boiler furnace with heat-resistant concrete overall casting of energy-saving furnace arch, improve the coal ignition conditions, the use of independent wind chamber, to achieve a reasonable distribution of wind, so that the formation of a favorable combustion aerodynamic field in the furnace, so as to be too large in the adaptability of coal. The furnace arch, outlet chimney and bundle bundle of the boiler all have certain dust removal function, so that the original dust concentration of the boiler is controlled under the standard, and the smoke and dust emission of the boiler reaches the target of environmental protection regulations.


DZL series boiler

DZL series boiler


The horizontal biomass steam boilers has stable operation, convenient adjustment and sufficient output, with 110% load capacity. The boiler should always pay attention to the working pressure, so that it is maintained at normal air pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure should be kept stable, and the high and low deviation should not be greater than plus or minus 0.05mpa. The working pressure specified by the boiler should be marked with red line on the boiler pressure gauge. If you need 2-35 Tons of biomass steam boiler detailed parameters and quotes, please contact us, we will arrange professional and technical personnel to contact you!

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