Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Boilers Manufacturer

Biomass thermal oil boiler adopts combustion equipment suitable for biomass fuel combustion. Thermal oil boilers manufacturer in the boiler structure design, compared with the traditional boiler furnace space. At the same time, the arrangement of reasonable secondary air is conducive to the instantaneous release of a large number of volatiles during the combustion of biomass fuel, and full combustion.


Thermal oil boilers manufacturer

Thermal oil boilers manufacturer


This series of biomass fired boilers can be equipped with ignition burners to achieve ignition automation. The feed, combustion, slag removal, water supply and ignition of the boiler can be automatically controlled, which is very convenient to operate. The biomass organic heat carrier boiler is equipped with automatic ash cleaning device, which can remove the ash accumulated on the heating surface of the boiler in time. This series of boilers are equipped with energy saving devices at the end, and air preheater can be arranged according to the user. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and low exhaust temperature.

Thermal oil boilers manufacturer have rich production experience, the boiler surface temperature is low, heat dissipation loss can be negligible. Production and manufacturing in strict accordance with the specifications and standards of production, all pressure parts using high quality boiler steel. Every boiler goes through strict inspection and testing before it goes out of the factory, including hydrostatic test and X-ray inspection. There are manholes, inspection doors, fire holes and so on. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and easy installation.

In the combustion process of biomass industrial boiler, the fuel is sent into the furnace by the spiral feeder, where it is gradually preheated, dried, ignited and burned due to the effect of high temperature flue gas and primary wind. A large number of volatiles are precipitated in this boiler and the combustion is intense. After the high temperature flue gas scour the main heating surface of the boiler, it enters the economizer and air preheater of the heating surface at the end of the boiler, and then enters the dust collector and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The ungasified fuel moves toward the back of the grate until it burns out. A small amount of ash falls into the slag eliminator behind the grate.

Biomass thermal oil boiler also known as the organic heat carrier boiler, is a new type of heat energy equipment with thermal oil as the circulating medium for heating. Thermal oil boiler refers to a new type of thermal energy conversion equipment that carries heat conducting oil at high temperature. This series of industrial boilers are widely used because of their advantages of high temperature and low pressure, smooth operation. The series of high thermal utilization, easy operation and maintenance, is safe, efficient and energy-saving ideal heating equipment.


Biomass thermal oil boiler sales

Biomass thermal oil boiler sales


Thermal oil boilers manufacturer have rich production experience, the heating surface layout is completely reasonable, the boiler begins to quickly preheat. It has the characteristics of low heat loss, low exhaust gas temperature and high boiler thermal efficiency. This series of biomass boiler adopts remote and near ground monitoring, automatic control and monitoring instruments are complete, safe and reliable, easy to operate. Combined with industrial automation control technology, Internet technology, computing software and artificial intelligence technology, remote man-machine interaction and data sharing can be realized, and automatic control can be realized. Welcome everyone to come to consult purchasing, Zozen Boilers will serve you wholeheartedly.

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