Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler For Sale

YLW series thermal oil boiler is a kind of boiler which uses biomass particles as fuel and heat conducting oil as medium, uses circulating oil pump to force heat conducting oil to circulate in liquid phase, and then transfers heat energy to heat equipment and then returns to heating furnace for reheating. Biomass thermal oil boiler price is a kind of ideal heating equipment with competitive.


Biomass thermal oil boiler price

Biomass thermal oil boiler price


This series of thermal oil boilers have remarkable performance advantages. Before the boiler circulates heat, it has the technical measures to strictly control the air, water and other low volatile content in the working medium. The biomass organic heat carrier boiler is compact in structure, which saves the floor space of the boiler room. The boiler body and the chain grate can be combined on site. It not only reduces the transportation cost, but also shortens the installation cycle.

The biomass thermal oil boiler price is competitive, and the boiler arch design is reasonable, which makes the flue gas stay in the furnace longer, and makes the combustion more sufficient. Higher operating temperature can be obtained under lower operating pressure. The furnace is composed of double dense coils, which reduces the heat load on the surface of the tubes and improves the safety. The heating surface is arranged in the smoke chamber to avoid the high temperature smoke directly washing the partition wall, resulting in the smoke short circuit phenomenon caused by the partition wall falling off. The medium flow is reasonable and flows from the low point to the high point, which makes it difficult for the gas generated from the operation to stay in the furnace and can be conveniently discharged from the system.

This series of biomass fired boilers obtain low pressure high temperature hot medium, easy to regulate, uniform heating, can meet the precise process temperature. Liquid phase circulation heating, no condensation heat loss, heating system high thermal efficiency. There are technical measures in the system to compensate the changes of the volume caused by the heat transfer and temperature rise and fall of the working medium. Technical measures to strictly control air moisture and other low volatile matter content in working medium shall be taken before circulating heating.

Biomass fired thermal oil boiler has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the chemical industry of oil and grease chemical industry, polymerization industry, reaction tank, distillation, concentration. Plastic industry of plastic blasting, extrusion molding. In textile industry, resin molding machine, dyeing machine, drying room, high temperature machine, drum machine. Vulcanization and heating of rubber in the rubber industry. Cooking, drying and vegetable oil refining in the food industry. The heating and shaping of plywood, Paulie board and fibreboard in forest products industry. Paper industry packaging cartons of multi-layer cardboard, drying, drying. As well as metal plating bath heating, coating condensation, drying, pharmaceutical industry distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration and so on.


Biomass fired thermal oil boilers

Biomass fired thermal oil boilers


Biomass thermal oil boiler price has reasonable, reasonable and compact overall design, long service life, stable and reliable operation, safe use, and has been unanimously appreciated by customers. Zozen Boilers are a professional manufacturer of the boiler, over the years for many customers to provide the high quality of boiler solution. According to the drawings provided by customers, we can provide a full set of customized boiler services. We have rich production experience and strong technical force. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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