Biomass SZL Series Steam Boiler Structure Introduction

Biomass fired steam boiler is a double barrel longitudinal type water pipe chain grate boiler, the main parts of the boiler in the factory can be assembled into two large factory, that is, the upper (boiler body) large and the lower (chain grate) large. After the two large parts of biomass SZL series boiler are closed on the site, only the masonry of the lower furnace wall and the installation of smoke duct, pipeline, instrument, valve, slag extractor and so on are needed. Then connect the water, electricity can be put into operation.


SZL series steam boiler flue gas system process is by the fuel from the coal hopper through the coal gate, after scraping flat with the grate slowly into the furnace, fire combustion. The flue gas generated after combustion enters the convection section through the furnace chamber and the convection section enters the economizer and the dust collector, and then is pumped to the atmosphere through the chimney by the induced draft fan.

The biomass SZL series boiler ash generated after fuel combustion falls into the slag pit at the end of the grate and is discharged from the slag discharge device. Leakage of coal and ash with the chain grate falling into the front of the ash hopper and out of the flue gas part of the fly ash in the convection tube bundle settlement. Then the upper tribe ash door is discharged to the grate, the rest of the dust collector after separation into the ash hopper.

Biomass fired boilers absorb the advantages of quick boiler, convenient site installation, short cycle, less cost. This series of steam boiler is easy to operate, stable operation, fast temperature rise and pressure increase, sufficient output, suitable for a wide range of coal. SZL series of boilers are complete with auxiliary machines. Blower, induced draft fan, water pump, gear box, dust collector and so on can meet the requirements of boiler load.



Biomass SZL series boiler are equipped with complete thermal testing instruments, electric control operating table, drum induced draft fan opening, grate speed can be operated by remote control. The boiler air supply system adopts two side air supply device, each air chamber can be independently adjusted, air leakage is small, adjustable. To better adapt to the requirements of chain grate combustion characteristics. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing various types of boiler products, have established friendly and cooperative relations with many users for years, welcome all users to our factory to consult and purchase.

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