Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Manufacturers

YLW type thermal oil boiler adopts horizontal square box structure and mechanized chain grate. The heating surface is made of 20(GB/T3087-2008) seamless steel tubes with two specifications of φ76×4mm and φ38×3mm. The import and export container of thermal oil boiler manufacturers is made of 20(GB/T3087-2008), φ159×6mm seamless steel pipe.


Thermal oil boiler manufacturers

Thermal oil boiler manufacturers


The medium of coal-fired thermal oil boiler is pumped into the inlet collecting box by the circulating oil pump. The inlet collecting box is connected with 25 φ38×3mm serserous convection tube inlet. The serpentine convective tube outlet is connected with another convective radiation collector. Rectangular radiation coil is made of 4 φ76×4mm 20(GB/T3087-2008) seamless steel pipe simultaneously coiled, the inlet is connected with the convection radiation collector box, the outlet is connected with the furnace top pipe. The furnace pipe jacking system is composed of 4 φ76×4mm 20(GB/T3087-2008) seamless steel tubes. The inlet is connected with 4 radiation tubes, and the outlet is connected with the outlet collecting box. Medium in the serpentine convection tube, rectangular radiation coil and furnace jacking tube to absorb heat into the upper outlet box tube, is sent to the heat equipment.

This series boiler adopts chain grate to achieve mechanical coal, equipped with drum, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag machine to achieve mechanical slag. The thermal oil boiler manufacturers adopts the argon arc welding process for snake tube and square coil tube to ensure the qualification. This series of fuel boiler product runtime since the coal hopper fall on combustion, after the flue gas passes through the arch reflection before entering to the furnace hearth, after radiation heating surface radiation heat transfer in the convective heating surface for convective heat transfer, and then leads to the waste heat boiler, again into the air preheater, into the dust, dust removal after northwards by induced draft fan through the chimney flue gas into the atmosphere.

Numerical control 3d laser cutting machine is adopted for the downward inclined steel tube of thermal oil boiler. The square plate is made by numerical control three-dimensional pipe bender without forced assembly. The automatic production line of serpentine pipe is adopted to form the serpentine pipe in one time. YLW series boiler operation is simpler, patent furnace arch structure, suitable for different types of coal, anthracite is also good to burn. Prevent before fuel hopper, effectively prevent biomass burning hopper and coking. Set effective cleaning structure, convenient maintenance, operation and cleaning.


YLW type thermal oil boiler

YLW type thermal oil boiler


Thermal oil boiler manufacturers furnace using double close row coil, heating surface layout sufficient. The boiler is built with high quality firebrick and high quality perlite in the middle. The temperature of the furnace body is controlled below 50℃ and the heat loss is small. Coal-fired thermal oil boiler uses closed circuit circulation, liquid phase transfer heat energy, heat loss is small, energy saving effect is remarkable, the effect is good. Water pipe waste heat steam boiler and steam generator can be configured to realize one furnace and two uses, with remarkable energy saving effect. Welcome to Zozen Boilers factory to visit and buy!

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