Factors affecting the price of low-nitrogen boilers

The low nitrogen boilers are all subjected to a heat conversion process, and the interface between the heat release and the heat absorption is referred to as a heat receiving surface. The boiler heats the water into steam. In addition to pots and furnaces, there are auxiliary equipment such as frames, platforms, escalators, combustion, slag, flue, pipes, furnace walls, etc.
What factors will affect the price of low-nitrogen boilers?
Low-nitrogen boiler manufacturers and brands, burners are also an important factor in determining boiler emissions. A good burner brand will promote fuel combustion and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the source.

Nitrogen oxide emissions, 30mg, 80mg, 120mg or 200mg, the stricter the emission index, the more expensive the boiler.
Other auxiliary machine configurations and control systems are also responsible for the changes in boiler prices.
Of course, low-nitrogen boiler manufacturers and brands still need to pay attention to the boiler itself. The top low-nitrogen boiler manufacturers on the market are well known in terms of technical strength and service quality.
Precautions after reforming boiler low nitrogen
Take care to prevent open flame or Mars low-nitrogen boiler manufacturers from stressing the on-site smoking or forced metal casing welding or cutting to avoid major accidents.
The low-nitrogen boiler manufacturer reminds that even if the body has been emptied, gas or liquid gas components may remain in the pipe wall, so sparks or static electricity should be avoided during maintenance to avoid accidents.
Be careful to take corrective action when ignition is not possible
If the gas burner is found to be unsuccessful for two consecutive firings when using a low-nitrogen boiler, there is a problem at this time, so close it immediately and perform a detailed inspection.

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