hot water boiler price in india

The overall structure is reasonable, compact, and belongs to the boiler island type, which meets the conditions for quick shipment. This product is composed of three parts when it leaves the factory; the boiler host, chimney and pipeline system, where the host and chimney parts have been manufactured in the factory, and the pipeline valves and instruments supporting the host have been randomly installed and shipped to the site to host the host Just assemble with the chimney. Connect the gas source, power supply and water pipeline on the spot to test run. Greatly shorten the installation cycle, and can ensure product quality.
hot water boiler price in india
The main engine of the boiler is an integral structure. The burner is assembled on the cover of the front smoke box. The body is mainly arranged with the heating surface and the combustion chamber. It has a reasonable and compact structure, low steel consumption, the furnace liner adopts offset wave furnace liner, the insulation layer is made of * lightweight heat insulation material, the outer packaging adopts color thin plate, and the appearance packaging is a rectangular parallelepiped, so that the boiler performance, weight, structural size 3. Compared with domestic products of the same capacity, the appearance and shape have obvious reliability and aesthetics.

The boiler water supply equipment is arranged on the boiler base on the right side of the boiler to make it integrated with the host machine, and no additional foundation is required.

The water circulation is simple, the structure of the pressure components is reasonable, and it can be safely operated under the condition of ensuring the water quality.

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