Understanding Thermal Oil Heater Price and ZOZEN: Leading Thermal Oil Heater Manufacturer

Part 1: Factors Affecting Thermal Oil Heater Price

The thermal oil heater price is influenced by various factors. Understanding these factors is crucial for businesses looking to invest in such equipment. In this article, we will explore the key factors that impact the thermal oil heater price.

Firstly, the capacity and size play a significant role in determining the thermal oil heater price. Larger capacity heaters capable of generating higher thermal output tend to be more expensive due to the increased materials and engineering required for their construction.

Secondly, the type and quality of materials used in the manufacturing process affect the thermal oil heater price. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel or alloy steel, offer better durability and performance, but they come at a higher cost. Additionally, the inclusion of advanced features and technologies, such as smart control systems or energy-saving mechanisms, can also increase the overall price of the heater.

Another factor that impacts the price is the level of customization required to meet the specific needs of a customer. Some industries may have unique requirements or operational constraints, necessitating tailor-made solutions. Customization adds to the design and engineering complexity, resulting in a higher price tag.

Part 2: Introducing ZOZEN, a Renowned Thermal Oil Heater Manufacturer

When it comes to thermal oil heater, ZOZEN is a well-known and reliable manufacturer. They offer a range of thermal oil heaters, including the YQW series, YQL series, and YLW series. ZOZEN understands that the thermal oil heater price should align with customer requirements. With a professional design team, ZOZEN provides satisfactory solutions to customers, ensuring both the high quality and reasonable price of their thermal oil heaters.

The YQW series is a horizontal oil and gas fired thermal oil heater with a thermal capacity ranging from 1400 kW to 14000 kW. It operates at a working pressure of 0.8-1.0 MPa and boasts a thermal efficiency of ≥95%. This series features a horizontal structure, allowing for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. Its streamlined design saves costs, contributing to a reasonable thermal oil heater price.

The YQL series, on the other hand, is a vertical oil and gas fired thermal oil heater with a broad thermal capacity range of 7000 kW to 29000 kW. It operates at a working pressure of 0.8-1.0 MPa and also achieves a thermal efficiency of ≥95%. This fully automatic and intelligent control system enables unmanned operation, reducing operational costs and ensuring convenient maintenance.

Lastly, the YLW series is a horizontal coal and biomass fired thermal oil heater with a thermal capacity ranging from 1400 kW to 29000 kW. It operates at a working pressure of 0.8-1.0 MPa and offers a thermal efficiency of ≥85%. Equipped with an advanced control system, it precisely regulates oil temperature and pressure.

Part 3: ZOZEN’s Collaboration with a South African Textile Enterprise

An excellent example of ZOZEN’s successful collaboration is their partnership with a prominent textile company in South Africa. This textile enterprise required a 5 million kcal YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heater. ZOZEN provided a tailored solution that not only satisfied the customer’s thermal oil heater price expectations but also delivered exceptional after-sales service.

ZOZEN Thermal Oil Heater Price

ZOZEN 5 Million Kcal YLW Series Thermal Oil Heater

ZOZEN’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond providing high-quality boiler products. They prioritize post-sales support and service. In this case, ZOZEN dispatched experienced technical engineers to the project site. These engineers ensured the smooth installation process, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Furthermore, they conducted comprehensive training sessions for the local operators, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for long-term, stable boiler operation.


The thermal oil heater price is influenced by multiple factors, including capacity, materials, customization, and advanced features. ZOZEN, a renowned industrial boiler manufacturer, offers a range of thermal oil heaters, including the YQW, YQL, and YLW series. Their focus on customer satisfaction, from providing tailor-made solutions to offering comprehensive after-sales support, sets them apart in the market. By choosing ZOZEN, customers can expect not only high-quality thermal oil heaters but also reasonable prices and reliable long-term performance.

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