Vacuum boiler sewage knowledge

1. Boiler price vacuum boiler time control method sewage discharge:
The time control method is to use the consistency of the time interval of the vacuum hot water boiler to control the balance of water quality, so that the boiler operation is more stable and healthy, greatly improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler and prolonging the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
 Vacuum boiler sewage knowledge
2, vacuum boiler reduction method sewage:
The purpose and purpose of the vacuum boiler to reduce the amount of sewage is to ensure that the boiler supply is sufficient, and the boiler water quality can be controlled within the standard range. The boiler operation fluctuation will not be caused by excessive discharge, but the boiler maintenance and life impact are very serious.
3, vacuum boiler continuous sewage:
Frequent discharges, using the bottom of the vacuum hot water boiler boiler to remove water slag, using a small time interval and high number of discharges to discharge sewage, the effect is much better than the long-term discharge.

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