What is the Maximum Pressure of Thermal Oil Heater?

The circulating pressure of a thermal oil boiler is generated by the driving of the circulating oil pump to the thermal oil circulation. Generally, the working pressure of the thermal oil pump is 4 ~ 8kg / cm2. Actually, the pressure of the thermal oil pump differs from different working conditions.


Maximum Pressure of Thermal Oil Heater

12Million KCal Coal fired Thermal Oil Heater


The normal operating pressure of the thermal oil heater depends on the flow rate and head of the circulating pump and the resistance of the system, which should be confirmed by contacting the manufacturer. It is important to note that the import and export pressures of the thermal oil boiler are different. The pressure difference between the import and export of thermal oil furnace pressure represents the flow rate of thermal oil in the internal pipeline of the boiler, the pressure difference is large, the flow rate is fast, but if it is too large, it is the pipeline is blocked, the pressure difference is too small, it is the flow rate is low, it may be the heating pipeline (load pipeline) is blocked, or the circulation pump pump oil volume is small.

In general, the thermal oil heater import and export pressure pressure difference shall not be less than 0.5, shall not be higher than 2.5, of course, the import pressure is high, the export pressure is low, with a pressure difference, the thermal oil can stay from the import to the export. Stable and normal heat-conducting oil furnace import and export pressure differential is the first element to ensure the safe operation of the heat-conducting oil boiler, as long as the differential pressure is normal, the boiler will not be a major safety accident. The current market of heat-conducting oil boilers are with automatic implementation of the protection function, for example, Zhongzheng heat-conducting oil boiler system is equipped with the corresponding pressure controller, temperature controller, etc., so that the import and export pressure of the heat-conducting oil furnace import and export pressure and temperature can be displayed on site and remote transmission to the control cabinet by the instrument display, and can realize the overpressure alarm.

Thermal oil boiler is a boiler that uses thermal oil to heat. Heat transfer oil, also known as organic heat carrier or thermal medium oil, has been used as an intermediate heat transfer medium in the industrial heat transfer process for more than fifty years. Heat-conducting oil boilers generally use coal, oil and gas as fuel and heat-conducting oil as medium, and use hot oil circulation oil pump to force the medium to carry out liquid-phase circulation, and then return the heat energy to the heat-using equipment and then return to the heating furnace for reheating. Heat-conducting oil boiler is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, light industry, building materials, food, road construction asphalt heating and other industrial fields that need high temperature because of its low pressure, high temperature and precise control of working temperature.


Maximum Pressure of Thermal Oil Heater

RYQ Series Molten Salt Heater


Wuxi Zhongzheng Boiler Co., Ltd. independently developed more than 50 patented equipment, the original digital material, welding automation, assembly mold process standards, and the whole process of strict control of the quality of the boiler, so that each product has become a boiler condensed artisan work. Boiler production of heat-conducting oil boilers are durable, requiring only a small amount of maintenance and maintenance to ensure efficient operation of the plant. Over the years, we have been committed to designing and producing energy-efficient and safe industrial boiler equipment to reduce business costs and improve economic efficiency.

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