WNS 4 ton Natural Gas Steam Boiler

WNS gas boiler adopts intelligent energy-saving control system. The boiler and steam supply (water supply) system can be combined with different loads to adjust the fuel supply to achieve the purpose of more energy saving. The installation of the 4 ton natural gas boiler adopts the group quick installation method. There are no special requirements for the foundation, no anchor bolts are required, and the installation is simple and easy. With the structure of moving burners, it can not only match various burners, but also more convenient and quicker to replace burners and maintain the furnace body.


WNS 4 ton Natural Gas Steam Boiler

Oil-fired boiler efficiency


The front and rear smoke boxes of the natural gas steam boiler adopt a movable and detachable structure, which can easily inspect, maintain and maintain the inside of the boiler. This type of boiler product is a newly developed new fully active gas steam boiler with fresh product design, reasonable structure and excellent process performance.

The natural gas steam boiler adopts an advanced corrugated furnace structure. It not only increases the heat transfer area, but also satisfies the free expansion of the furnace after being heated. The flue pipe of the 4 ton natural gas boiler adopts a threaded structure, which enhances the heat transfer effect. The boiler adopts a wet-back structure, with full butt welds, high reliability and low maintenance costs. The design of the rear view device is easy to observe the combustion condition.

The WNS natural gas steam boiler is designed with various protection functions such as over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, leak detection, flameout, etc., the boiler operation is safe and reliable. Natural gas steam boilers are packaged in three forms: color pattern plate, mirror stainless steel or matt stainless steel, with beautiful appearance. Equipped with imported burners with good self-control performance to realize fully automatic operation. WNS series gas boilers have high thermal efficiency, stable output and strong load adaptability.

The furnace should be ventilated and purged immediately after tripping or normal shutdown of the gas boiler, and the unburned pulverized coal and combustible gas in the furnace should be removed in time. And close the boiler supply and oil return manual main door in time to prevent the oil gun from leaking fuel into the furnace. Confirm that the gas boiler has been put out, and when the MFT does not operate, stop the furnace urgently, and check to confirm that the two primary fans, 4 coal mills, and 16 oil guns have stopped running.


WNS 4 ton Natural Gas Steam Boiler

3 Ton oil-fired boiler


The 4 ton natural gas boiler adopts threaded smoke pipes to enhance the heat exchange effect and improve the thermal efficiency. This series of boiler products uses a large steam space to keep the steam out of the water at a low speed. And built-in steam-water separation device to ensure stable output of steam. WNS steam boiler has a large furnace space, stores a lot of steam, and has a strong adaptability to load. Reasonably designed built-in steam-water separator device to meet the requirements of users for high-quality steam. The furnace body is provided with manholes, head holes and hand holes, which is convenient for cleaning the inside of the furnace, making maintenance and maintenance extremely convenient.

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