WNS Series Gas Fired Boiles Manufacturer

WNS type horizontal gas fired boiler is a horizontal quick-mounted internal combustion three-return fire tube boiler. The bifurcated flue gas is used to wash the second and third return flue gas pipes successively, and then the flue gas chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Gas fired boilers manufacturer is experienced in production, the flame burns in the furnace and there is no open fire outside the furnace. All steam boilers have undergone rated load ignition test before leaving the factory.


Gas fired boilers manufacturer

Gas fired boilers manufacturer


This series of WNS industrial boilers have been strictly tested before they leave the factory, which ensures the reliability of boiler performance, combustion equipment, automatic control system and relevant safety devices. Equipped with high and low water level alarm and limit low water level to stop the furnace, and with the pump automatic control, there is no shortage of water accident by the use of high-quality tank manufacturing, automatic interlocking control, safe and reliable. Adopt high quality burner, low fuel consumption, adopt vertical three return journey, thermal efficiency is above 95%. Environmental protection, no black smoke, little noise, no environmental pollution.

The gas fired boilers manufacturer is experienced in production, and the boiler is rationally designed. It adopts automatic combustion and water level control, and automatic fault detection of the burner. The control system uses traditional electrical components, easy maintenance, the whole factory, with the use, compact structure, single-layer layout, less floor space, easy installation. Wide application range, can be applied to pharmaceutical chemical industry, plastic industry, asphalt industry, coating electroplating, clothing industry, food industry, biological engineering, scientific experiment, sauna beauty, hotels, schools, etc.

WNS series gas fired boiler adopts automatic control, combustion machine ignition, flameout, the size of the fire can be switched. Gas adopts high and low pressure protection, gas leakage protection, automatic water replenishing, pump stopping. Also equipped with high and low water level alarm, ultra-low water level chain, smoke exhaust temperature too high alarm to stop the furnace. This series boiler is safe and reliable, using water level protection, flameout protection, pressure protection and other characteristics. The explosion-proof door is designed to prevent deflagration and reduce the damage to the boiler.


WNS series gas fired boiler sales

WNS series gas fired boiler sales


WNS series gas-fired boilers are widely praised for their compact structure, small size, high degree of automation, convenient installation, safe and reliable operation, full combustion of fuel oil and gas, less harmful gas and other advantages. The gas fired boilers manufacturer production process is transparent, and the boiler achieves the advantages of full combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and convenient installation. This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe operation and reliable operation. It is an ideal environmental protection product with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution. Welcome everyone to come to consult purchasing, Zozen Boilers will serve you wholeheartedly.

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