10 t/h Wood Chips Steam Boilers Manufacturing

The wood chip steam boiler adopts the design of arched tube plate, threaded smoke tube, eight-shaped flue, ejection circulation, and jet disturbance. The boiler has a compact structure, a single-layer layout, a small footprint, and a small investment in the construction of the boiler room. The 10 t/h wood chips boilers has a large water capacity, which is conducive to power outage protection.


10 t/h wood chips boilers

10 t/h wood chips boilers


Sawdust steam boiler adopts reasonable design of water circulation system. The large pressure difference of the water cycle makes the water cycle safe and reliable. The chain grate structure of this series of boiler products is advanced. Reduce incomplete combustion of fuel, reduce physical and chemical heat loss, and produce less fuel slag.

The internal structure of the DZL series steam boiler furnace is advanced. The structure of the cyclone chamber enables a large amount of smoke and dust to complete the secondary diversion inside the furnace, so that the smoke and dust complete a dust removal in the furnace, and the effect of environmental protection is good. The furnace wall of the 10 t/h wood chips boilers has a reasonable structure to prevent the leakage of smoke and dust.

After the fuel of this series of boilers product is sent into the furnace and burned, the flame passes through the wing-shaped flue (second return) to the front smoke box. Then turn back the threaded smoke tube bundle from the front smoke box (third return), and enter the economizer and dust collector through the rear smoke box. Then it is drawn by the induced draft fan and discharged to the atmosphere through the chimney.

The wood chip boiler has a reasonable design of the circulation loop to completely prevent the occurrence of pipe bursts on the water wall. At the same time, the boiler adopts the inertial separation of the smoke and dust in the furnace, which can reduce the original dust concentration of the DZL steam boiler, and has a good smoke and dust removal effect. The boiler is reasonably arranged with secondary air and the air pressure is moderate, so the air distribution is more uniform and complete, the combustion is more thorough, the smoke blackness is greatly reduced, and the amount of fuel leakage from the grate is effectively reduced.


Sawdust steam boiler

Sawdust steam boiler


The 10 t/h wood chips boilers has an advanced level in terms of output, energy saving, environmental protection, operation, maintenance and other indicators. DZL series boilers have the characteristics of strong fuel adaptability, high boiler thermal efficiency, good environmental protection performance, sufficient boiler output, and convenient use and maintenance.

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