2tph Biogas Fired Steam Boiler

Biogas steam boiler is horizontal internal combustion oil (gas) quick loading boiler, using wet back structure. Waveform furnace and backcombustion chamber for the first return, the second and third return for the smoke tube, the upper part of the boiler arranged energy saver. The boiler is equipped with perfect automatic control device and safety protection device with high and low water level alarm and low water level chain protection function. 2tph biogas fired boiler automatic ignition, automatic fire regulation and flameout protection of the burner, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.


2tph biogas fired boiler

2tph biogas fired boiler


The design fuel of this series is biogas. The fuel of this series of boiler products is ejected from the burner and ignited by the electronic ignition rod, which burns in the furnace under slightly positive pressure. The high temperature flue gas from the combustion chamber turns 180° into the second and third return flue gas tubes. From the upper part of the rear smoke box turn 180° into the energy saver heat exchange through the chimney into the atmosphere.

2tph biogas fired boiler can run stably under 80%-100% working condition. In the case of 100% rated load, boiler operation parameters are: feed water temperature is 20℃, pressure is 1.0MPa, can produce 0.5 tons of water vapor temperature of 184℃ within 1 hour, with light diesel fuel as fuel, calculated thermal efficiency is 93.1%, exhaust temperature is 119.5℃, light oil consumption is 34kg/h. When natural gas is used as fuel, the calculated thermal efficiency is 93.6%, the exhaust temperature is 114.5℃, and the natural gas consumption is 40.8NM3/h.

Biogas boiler adopts international popular three-return structure and large volume design of combustion chamber to make combustion more full. This series of gas-fired boilers adopt advanced corrugated furnace structure, which not only increases the heat transfer area, but also satisfies the free expansion of the furnace after heating. The smoke pipe adopts screw thread structure to enhance the heat transfer effect. The boiler adopts wet-back structure, full pull side butt weld, high reliability, low maintenance cost. Rearview device design, easy to observe the combustion status.

Steam boiler packaging color grain plate, mirror stainless steel or matte stainless steel three forms, beautiful appearance generous. Equipped with imported burners with good automatic control performance to achieve automatic operation. This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, stable output and strong load adaptability. The boiler nitrogen emission is lower than the national standard, nitrogen emission is less than 30mg/m3. The size of the boiler liner is consistent with the flame, greatly reducing the heat loss, thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%.


Biogas steam boiler

Biogas steam boiler


The necessary condition for the normal operation of this series gas boiler is that the boiler should have normal water level. When the water level in the boiler drops to a certain extent, if the boiler continues to burn, it will cause fatal injuries to the boiler, and even dangerous, affecting personal safety. Therefore, the water level of the boiler is very strict. When the boiler water level drops to the water protection level. 2tph biogas fired boiler control system will automatically cut off the boiler combustion electrical source, forcing the boiler combustion system to stop burning. Only when the boiler is replenished and the normal water level is reached, the boiler can run normally through manual reset.

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