3 Ton Industrial Steam Boiler Price

WNS gas steam boiler products adopt horizontal three – return wet – back corrugated furnace structure, common tonnage is usually between 1-20 tons. It is mainly composed of pot shell, furnace bladder, smoke chamber and smoke pipe. ZOZEN 3 ton capacity boiler use wet-back, corrugated furnace structure, symmetrical arrangement of heating surface. Effectively reduce the boiler thermal stress, improve the safety of boiler use and life. The heat transfer effect of smoke pipe is improved by using heat transfer thread pipe. At the same time, it has good thermal expansion and cold contraction performance, which can prevent the heating surface from deformation.

horizontal fire tube boiler

horizontal fire tube boiler

In the process of printing, dyeing and finishing of cloth, the amount of steam consumed is large, so a set of energy saving and efficient gas steam boiler system is very important for textile printing and dyeing enterprises. ZOZEN’s energy-saving WNS series oil gas fired boiler system achieves energy saving and high efficiency through the application of a number of patented technologies in terms of combustion efficiency, smoke exhaust temperature, etc. WNS series gas-fired boiler is equipped with advanced burner to realize automatic and reasonable air distribution; at the same time, the use of large diameter corrugated furnace, not only increase the heat transfer area, the large furnace chamber space and reasonable air distribution also ensure the full combustion of fuel, improve the combustion efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption. In addition, ZOZEN boiler factory has a patent condensing technology, fully absorb the waste heat in the discharged flue gas, improve the boiler inlet temperature, and reduce the exhaust temperature to 60℃, so that the thermal efficiency is up to more than 98%, so as to reduce the operating cost for the users of textile printing and dyeing industry.

industrial steam boiler gas fuel

industrial steam boiler gas fuel

WNS series low nitrogen gas boiler product advantage 1. Ultra-low emission: fractional combustion technology + flue gas recycling technology outside the furnace, NOx emission is lower than 30mg. 2. High thermal efficiency: adopting new combustion technology and equipped with condenser, the thermal efficiency is up to 98%. 3. Cost savings: Save nearly 10% on natural gas fuel. 4. Safety and stability: A variety of intelligent early warning functions to ensure the stable operation of the boiler.

In the process of purchasing a boiler, the 3 ton industrial boiler price and operating cost naturally become the two issues that users most want to understand. In fact, the price of industrial boilers does not have a fixed value, it is affected by the boiler’s brand, fuel type, capacity, pressure, equipped with auxiliary equipment and other factors, and different boiler configuration has different prices. ZOZEN’s boilers are of high quality and provide customers with the most comprehensive service and the most suitable factory price.

These boiler products are suitable for different industrial production needs, and exported to Bangladesh, Russia, Indonesia and other 86 countries and regions! If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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