3Pass Gas Fired Fire Tube Boiler Price

3pass gas fired fire tube boiler for horizontal, wet back fire tube boiler. Boiler external condensing economizer. The boiler is fully assembled. The boiler body, front smoke box, external insulation, ladder platform and base are all assembled and fully assembled before delivery. Condensing energy saver, valve meter, burner, control equipment and other auxiliary components are pre-installed in the factory and dismantled, and assembled at the user site. The heating surface in the boiler barrel of gas fire tube boiler is mainly divided into three heat exchange parts: waveform furnace, combustion chamber, two return smoke pipe. During operation, the high-temperature flue gas burned in the furnace enters the secondary return flue pipe from the return combustion chamber, and then passes through the front flue, conversion flue, condensing energy saver, chimney, and finally is discharged into the atmosphere.


Gas fire tube boiler

Gas fire tube boiler


The tail of the gas fired boiler body is provided with an explosion-proof device connected with the furnace. In case of violent deflagration, it can automatically reset, and has the function of fire observation and maintenance channel. It is convenient for the adjustment of combustion flame in operation, convenient for furnace inspection and maintenance. Fire tube boiler is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, aluminum processing plants, chemical industry, automobile industry, construction equipment industry, clothing, biological engineering, hotels and restaurants, etc.

Gas fire tube boiler from production to the selection of raw material has experienced a rigorous and cautious study process. Adopt automatic welding, automatic CNC plate cutting and cutting. The third party controls the hydraulic pressure test before the boiler leaves the factory to ensure the standardization and accuracy of the boiler leaves the factory. Using oxygen – blocking porcelain paint to improve boiler life. And with the quality assurance agreement and instructions. Our company has perfect management system, strong technical force, advanced production level and manufacturing technology. We strict detection means, system, fast information feedback network. And according to the special requirements of different users for non-standard design. Make my company in the fierce market competition has always been in the same industry position.

3 Tons gas fired boiler can run stably in 80%-100% working condition. Boiler operating parameters at 100% rated load: feed water temperature of 20℃, pressure of 1.25MPa. This series of boiler products can produce 3 tons of water vapor with temperature of 194℃ in one hour. When light diesel was used as fuel, the calculated thermal efficiency was 94.3%, the exhaust temperature was 92.5℃, and the light oil consumption was 202kg/h. When natural gas is used as fuel, the calculated thermal efficiency is 94.1%, the exhaust temperature is 91.7℃, and the natural gas consumption is 244NM3/h.


3pass gas fired boiler

3pass gas fired boiler


Gas fire tube boiler body in the overall structure of the bottom furnace, smoke tube symmetrical arrangement. The drum is composed of φ1904×12 cylinder body and φ1900×14 front and rear tubesheet assembly. The backcombustion chamber is composed of φ1300×12 inner front and inner back tube plates and φ1296×16 cylinder body. The second and third return routes are respectively composed of 130 φ51×3 threaded smoke tubes. Threaded smoke tubes can greatly enhance heat transfer, thus reducing the heating area. Make boiler structure compact, save steel. The top of the furnace is arranged with an economizer, which is composed of 96 φ32×3 spiral finned tubes, thus greatly increasing the heating surface and reducing the smoke exhaust temperature of the boiler.

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