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The efficiency of the wet back fire tube boiler can reach more than 95%, and the thermal efficiency can reach 98% after installing the condensing device. Wet back steam boilers adopts integral design, high efficiency, good heat exchange, fast heating. Boiler can use full premixed surface technology and flue gas external circulation (FGR) technology, to achieve boiler NOx emissions less than 30mg/m3, energy conservation and environmental protection. This series of steam boiler tube plate and cylinder adopts the edge connection structure. The body of the main welding seam for the butt structure, all welding seam by automatic submerged arc welding.


Wet back steam boiler

Wet back steam boiler


Fire tube steam boiler heating area is abundant, large furnace structure, micro positive pressure combustion, combustion heat load is low, less harmful substances emissions. Boiler combustion chamber design is reasonable, suitable for city gas, natural gas, light diesel, heavy oil and other fuels. Steam boiler flue gas blackness, soot blackness, concentration, noise and other technical indicators are better than a class of regional standards. The radiation heating surface of the boiler is full corrugated furnace, and the convection heating surface is made of threaded smoke pipe. The heating surface is large, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is above 98%, which is higher than the relevant regulations.

Wet back steam boilers main longitudinal and girth welds are heat treated according to JB/T1613 welding to eliminate stress and ensure welding quality. Automatic welding equipment to ensure the qualified rate of flaw detection. This series of boiler products adopts color steel plate, front and back using hinged smoke box, high temperature spray paint surface, novel and beautiful. In order to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, the high temperature flue gas and latent heat released by condensation of water vapor can be absorbed by the high efficiency condenser and economizer.

This series of boilers are suitable for hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, large supermarkets, clothing factories, printing and dyeing factories, hotels, canteens, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories and other industrial places. The energy saver and condenser of the wet-back boiler are arranged countercurrent with steel and aluminum composite fin tubes to enhance heat transfer. Compared with the common furnace type, the series boiler flue gas water vapor cold condensation process, the flue gas NOx and other harmful substances with condensate discharge, energy saving and emission reduction.

All the products of the furnace are fully assembled to ensure that the boiler can be installed quickly at the user’s site, in addition to the water supply, gas supply and electrical connection accessories, do not have any other building structure and installation process, a series of testing and debugging work before the boiler leaves the factory, to ensure the quality of the boiler leaves the factory. The boiler mainly consists of boiler body, connecting flue, burner, soda water system, instrument, energy saver, condenser and so on. Clean combustion, discharge, convenient operation, sufficient output.


Wet back fire tube boiler

Wet back fire tube boiler


The wet back steam boilers adopts a combined design, heat energy is used in steps, and the exhaust gas temperature is extremely low. Products are widely used in industrial boilers, civil boilers, hot blast furnaces, melting furnaces, central air conditioning, painting, petrochemical and other thermal energy industries. Welcome to buy Zozen Boilers products. We promise to provide you with safe, low-nitrogen, efficient and intelligent integrated products, bringing you a cost-effective experience and a complete product service system.

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