5 ton/hr Diesel Fired Boiler Oil Consumption

The 5 ton/hr diesel boiler is composed of upper and lower drums, membrane water-cooled walls, convection tube bundles, economizers, and condensers. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas is discharged into the chimney through the convection tube bundle and the flue gas waste heat recovery device. The furnace chamber adopts membrane type water wall structure. The boiler adopts the air-tight inner protective plate with a fully enclosed welded structure as a whole, and the furnace wall has a good airtightness. Diesel fired steam boilers have less exhaust gas loss and high thermal efficiency.


Diesel fired steam boilers

Diesel fired steam boilers


A 5 ton diesel steam boiler can produce 5 ton of steam in one hour. Common models of 5 ton diesel boilers are WNS5-1.0-Y, WNS5-1.25-Y, WNS3.5-1.0/95/70-Y and SZS4-2.5-Y, etc. So, how much diesel does a 5 ton diesel boiler consume per day? We calculate it according to the calculation formula of diesel boiler fuel consumption: diesel boiler fuel consumption per hour = 3600*heating power/heating value/boiler efficiency. The thermal efficiency of a 5-ton oil-fired boiler is 3.5MW, and its combustion heat value is 42.42Mj/kg. The general efficiency of ZOZEN’S oil-fired boilers can reach 90%. Then the editor below takes a 5-ton diesel boiler as an example to calculate: the fuel consumption of a 5-ton diesel boiler=3600s*3.5MW/42.42Mj/kg/90%=330kg. It can be calculated from the above: 5 ton diesel boiler consumes 330kg of diesel per day.

Diesel fired steam boilers adopts heat transfer threaded smoke tube to achieve enhanced heat transfer effect. It achieves the characteristics of boiler heating and pressure rise quickly, and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. This series of boilers product have stable operation, convenient adjustment and sufficient output. With 110% overload capacity. The boiler adopts a programmable logic controller (plc) combined with a touch screen and is equipped with buttons to realize a manual and automatic dual-channel intelligent control system. With online help, multi-level English pop-up menu and troubleshooting guide, it is convenient for users to operate and maintain.

The diesel boiler developed by our factory adopts the more advanced automatic burner as the main equipment. The program of the burner is controlled by a more advanced program controller, which can realize various functions necessary for the normal operation of the oil-fired boiler. It can automatically implement a protective shutdown of the furnace under normal conditions, accident conditions, and under extraordinary circumstances. Equipped with corresponding water level controller and pressure proportional regulator to realize high and low water level indication, overpressure indication and adjustment. Ensure that the water level fluctuates within the normal range. The steam pressure is within the allowable pressure fluctuation range, and a protective stop indication is realized when the water level is extremely low and overpressure.


5 ton diesel steam boiler

5 ton diesel steam boiler


Diesel fired steam boilers have full fuel combustion, which saves fuel and reduces pollution. The boiler adopts a combination of corrugated furnace and conical furnace with good expansion performance. The size of the furnace liner is consistent with the flame, and the flue gas flow area is reduced by the second. Make the flue gas flow at the same speed to ensure the heat exchange time of the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace to achieve the heat transfer effect. The WNS series steam boiler adopts an intelligent energy-saving control system to control the boiler and steam (water supply) system, and adjust the fuel supply in combination with different loads, which is more energy-saving. The boiler has large water volume and gas space, and strong adaptability to load. The reasonable design of the boiler device ensures that the steam carrying rate is less than 4%, and meets the higher requirements of users for steam quality.

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