50 Ton Natural Gas Boiler Quotation

With the increasingly stringent environmental policies, natural gas boiler is widely used in all walks of life, and its price has become a topic of particular concern to users. The price of 50 ton natural gas boilers varies greatly from system to system, and there is no all-inclusive offer. 50 ton natural gas boiler quotation is composed of boiler body price and auxiliary engine price, in addition to installation cost, transportation cost and other parts, which can involve millions of dollars.

50 Ton Natural Gas Boiler Quotation

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50 Ton Natural Gas Boiler Performance Parameters

Boiler model: SZS50-1.25-Q.Y, SZS50-1.6-Q.Y 50, SZS50-2.5-Q.Y 50
Rated evaporation capacity:50t/h
Rated working pressure: 1.25, 1.6, 2.5MPa
Rated steam temperature: 194, 204, 225
Thermal efficiency: ≥98%
Factory form: bulk factory

50 ton natural gas boiler system includes boiler body, burner, condenser, energy saver, etc. Among them, the 50-ton natural gas boiler body structure is D-type arrangement structure, large furnace chamber design with advanced domestic and foreign low-NOx burner, to achieve the amount of NOx in the boiler flue gas emissions is less than 30mg/Nm³; the combustion chamber uses a narrow pitch tube film water-cooled wall, good gas tightness, with the energy-saving device at the end of the flue, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% or more; in addition, the boiler body high-temperature area using forced circulation, to ensure that all parts of the heating surface can get In addition, the boiler body adopts forced circulation in the high temperature area to ensure that all parts of the heating surface can be reliably cooled and prevented from vaporization, and the arrangement of explosion-proof doors and flame detectors ensures safe and reliable boiler operation. The boiler has the characteristics of safety and reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance, and automatic intelligent control.

50 Ton Natural Gas Boiler Quotation

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If you need to purchase 50 tons natural gas boiler, welcome to consult online customer service, Zhongzheng Boiler will provide a set of more cost-effective new quotation of 50 tons natural gas boiler according to your actual needs.

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