Manufacturer’s Hot-Selling Gas Steam Boiler

The gas-fired steam boiler adopts horizontal three-pass corrugated furnace, full wet back structure, return corrugated furnace chamber, the second return smoke pipe is placed on both sides of the furnace, and the third return smoke pipe is placed above the furnace for operation More safe and reliable. Hot selling gas boiler use high-efficiency energy-saving water pumps and fans to reduce user power consumption.


Manufacturer’s Hot-Selling Gas Steam Boiler

Industrial gas fired boiler


The gas fired boiler adopts PLC overall control, one-key operation, built-in black box function to record the boiler operating status. The purge time can be adjusted and adjusted according to the user’s actual flue gas resistance to avoid deflagration and ensure the safety of the boiler. You can view the real-time status of the boiler. Internet of things monitoring, boiler operation data uploaded to the main plant network, real-time monitoring for 24 hours. The double judgment of the ignition success or failure guarantees the safety of the boiler.

The WNS series gas boiler adopts 10% overload capacity to provide users with short-term and large steam guarantee. Hot selling gas boiler are processed independently using corrugated furnaces. Match with burners of various brands, “pot” and “furnace”* match. The boiler color can be customized. The thermal expansion design of the base of this series of boiler products, the bolts are lively connected, and the rear part adopts a sliding interface to release the thermal expansion stress. The use of three layers of thermal insulation materials ensures that the average body surface temperature is ≤42°C and reduces the heat loss of the boiler. This series of steam boilers are highly efficient and energy-saving. The exhaust gas temperature after the economizer is ≤150℃, and the exhaust gas temperature of the second-level energy-saving device is ≤70℃ (the power of the blower must be increased after the second-level economizer is installed).

The gas steam boiler uses low nitrogen and environmental protection, SOxs 5mg, NOx s30mg, and various pollutant indicators are far below the emission standard requirements. WNS series boilers use micro-positive pressure operation, low power consumption without induced draft fans, “overload capacity, convenient maintenance, and greatly reduced costs. The current quotations in the boiler market are affected by various industrial and commercial factors such as steel prices, and fluctuate frequently. Therefore, the quotation must be real-time to have reference value. If you are interested in the quotation of our WNS steam boiler, please feel free to consult our 24-hour online customer service.


Manufacturer’s Hot-Selling Gas Steam Boiler

15ton gas boiler


Hot selling gas boiler burners are arranged on the front wall, and the convection tube bundles are arranged side by side with the furnace. The flue gas generated by the combustion of the boiler flows from the back of the furnace through the heater (if any), the convection tube bundle, and the heating surface at the rear in turn, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. In order to prevent the superheater tube wall from overheating, the surface desuperheater is arranged at the superheated steam inlet to ensure the reliability of the superheater operation.

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