WNS Type 10bar Natural Gas Steam Boiler

Natural gas steam boiler is equipped with multiple safety interlocks protection: pressure switch protection (higher than the set pressure and automatic stop), low water level protection (boiler water level of the water level in the body below the ring, automatically cut off the power supply and quote), safety valve protection (boiler pressure more than work pressure, automatic discouraged step-down), ensure the boiler under various working conditions is quite safe, arrived back home safe and sound. The gas consumption of 10bar natural gas boiler is safe and reliable, with self-diagnosis function. Once abnormal phenomenon occurs in the operation of the boiler, the combustion will be automatically interrupted and the sound and light alarm will be issued.


10bar natural gas boiler

10bar natural gas boiler


The series of boiler products are light in weight, occupy less land, save capital construction cost, high degree of automation. The whole factory, easy to install, just in place to locate, connect the pipeline, power supply, can be put into operation. WNS series steam boiler adopts high efficiency burner, complete combustion, no air pollution, low noise. Fully automatic burner imported from abroad; Supporting new domestic technology, photoelectric water level automatic interlock protection device; Provides saturated steam. Lower exhaust temperature.

The natural gas steam boiler uses the upper and lower circular header and two rows of vertical pipes arranged along the circumference to form a circular furnace, radiation heat transfer is very strong. Natural gas boiler adopts wet-back structure, high discharge and low maintenance cost. 10bar natural gas boiler equipped with high-performance soda water separator, steam quality is better. 8 minutes after ignition to reach the steam supply state; The boiler efficiency can reach above 88% when burning 0# diesel oil. Steam boiler has the advantage of small environmental pollution, because it uses fuel for clean energy, so it belongs to environmental protection boiler products, in line with air pollution standards.

WNS series boiler has larger heating area, can better absorb heat, and will reduce the exhaust temperature, less heat loss, can guarantee the output, produce steam fast, high quality. Due to the scientific and reasonable furnace structure, large area heating space and high performance burner, this series of boilers can make the fuel and air fully mixed, improve the combustion rate, improve its thermal efficiency, its thermal efficiency can be as high as 98%.


Natural gas steam boiler

Natural gas steam boiler


The welding process of gas fired steam boiler smoke tube and tubeplate is pre-expanded to eliminate the gap between tube and tubeplate, and then adopt argon arc automatic welding. Effectively eliminate stress, prolong boiler service life. Advanced automatic submerged arc welding technology is adopted for longitudinal and circular seam welding of 10bar natural gas boiler to ensure welding quality. All longitudinal and circumferential welds are subjected to 100% radiographic inspection. The finned tube is made of ND steel or stainless steel, which effectively solves the low temperature corrosion of steel. Set up the process inspection stop point, strictly ensure the implementation of the first expansion after welding process, to avoid pipe hole cracking.

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