Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler Operation

Today, gas fired boiler is heavily influenced by the market recognition, and among them, the application of natural gas steam boiler than gas hot water boiler is widely, including food factory, chemical plant, building materials factory, steel mills, etc., No matter it is light industry or heavy industry, it is inseparable from steam boiler is inseparable from the steam boiler. Today to learn more about the principle and structure of natural gas fired boilers.


Natural gas fired boilers

Natural gas fired boilers


The heat released by the combustion of natural gas fired steam boiler fuel in the furnace heats the water in the boiler and causes it to evaporate into steam. Water in boiler drum has been released gas fuel combustion in furnace heating energy, temperature and pressure steam, due to the boiling point of water with the pressure rises, the pan is sealed, the expansion of the water vapor inside limits, thermodynamic pressure formation (strictly speaking boiler water vapor is water in the drum constant pressure heating to saturated water vaporization form again) has been widely used as an energy source. This is the basic principle of this series of steam boilers.

Natural gas fired boilers is mainly composed of two main bodies, boiler shell and furnace liner, accessories, instrument accessories, automatic control and protection system to ensure its safe and economic continuous operation. This kind of boiler is a boiler with a water-cooled wall. Two return firework pipes are arranged in the right and left parts of the boiler barrel, and the front smoke box in the front of the boiler barrel is turned back. Between the pot barrel and the lower box, there is a descending tube and a water-cooled wall tube, forming the frame of the combustion chamber. There is a steam separator at the top of the drum to reduce the water vapor carries out. The heating surface of the pot is the lower part of the pot, the water – cooled pipe and the firework pipe.

This series of gas-fired boiler is electromechanical integrated equipment, which consists of boiler body, burner, electric control cabinet, feed water pump and pipe valve instrument, etc. System with supporting Europe imported burner, ontology using the horizontal internal-combustion three return mature wet back structure, fuel (oil/gas) from the burner through pressure atomization high-speed jet, a micro positive pressure combustion inside the furnace, the combustion of high temperature flue gas after the radiation heat transfer in the furnace to enter the second before the return pipe to smoke box, then turn 180 o degrees into the third return pipe, the smoke chamber, condenser then discharged into the chimney into the atmosphere.

The combustion chamber of industrial natural gas fired steam boiler adopts corrugated furnace with good thermal expansion performance. The combustion chamber is equipped with explosion-proof door, the furnace body is equipped with high sensitivity temperature, pressure, water level sensors, the controller consists of high reliability multiple safety protection control system, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. This series boiler has large water capacity, stable and reliable operation and high heating quality. Low NOX combustion technology is used to optimize the boiler structure design, and the boiler combustion condition is automatically adjusted through flue gas detection, so as to ensure that the boiler flue gas emission meets the requirements of environmental protection and the operation noise is low.


Industrial natural gas fired steam boiler

Industrial natural gas fired steam boiler


The natural gas fired boilers adopts the structure of large furnace and corrugated furnace, which increases the radiation heat transfer area and facilitates fuel combustion. The fuzzy control technology based on artificial neural network and the world famous burner are applied to realize the automatic regulation of combustion according to the temperature, pressure and time, so that the boiler can run efficiently and economically under different conditions and reduce the consumption of fuel to the maximum extent. Welcome everyone to come to consult purchasing, Zozen Boilers will provide high quality service for you.

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