Horizontal Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Gas boiler combustion is widely used, can use natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and so on. Gas steam boiler manufacturer produces high quality boiler products, gas boiler is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, light industry, textile, building materials, breeding, food and beverage, plastic foam, printing and washing, rubber and other industries.


Gas steam boiler manufacturer

Gas steam boiler manufacturer


The horizontal gas-fired boiler adopts the horizontal three-return wet back structure, which effectively improves the operating environment of the boiler, and improves the combustion efficiency and service life of the boiler. The design, manufacture, supervision and inspection of this series of boilers are carried out in strict accordance with various specifications and standards to ensure long-term safety and stability of the boiler. The boiler body for the boiler shell type full wet back flow three return structure, flame combustion chamber for micro positive pressure combustion, complete extension, low burning heat load, less NOx harmful substances.

Gas steam boiler manufacturer experience, reasonable boiler design. Corrugated furnace and threaded pipe structure are adopted, which not only improve the strength, but also meet the needs of thermal expansion of each part. Butt joint is adopted for the main welding seam, and X-ray and ultrasonic non-damage detection is conducted to ensure that the welding quality meets the standard requirements. This series of steam boilers have large water capacity, strong capacity to adapt to the load, and adopt reasonable equipment inside the boiler to ensure the low rate of steam with water, so as to meet the higher requirements of customers on the quality of steam.

Gas fired boiler adopts new heat insulation material, light weight, less heat loss, good heat preservation performance. The boiler has reliable performance and long service life. The front and rear smoke boxes are easy to open, easy to repair and maintain. The gas steam boiler can successfully detect the oxygen content in the flue gas and transmit the data to the control system in real time. Then through the computer intelligent analysis, automatic adjustment of combustion equipment proportioning, so that the boiler in the best working state, combustion efficiency is greatly improved, so as to reduce fuel consumption.

Horizontal gas-fired boiler has high automation level, reliable performance and realizes man-machine dialogue and remote control. The boiler is very energy-saving because of its long flue gas flow, slow exhaust speed and high thermal efficiency. This series of gas-fired boilers are designed with new refractories, no preheating load, high thermal efficiency, stable air pressure, and high quality steam can be produced in a short time. Low noise, low fuel consumption, small smoke emission, no pollution, complete combustion. Thus, it saves fuel cost and improves economy. It is an environmentally friendly energy-saving product.


Gas fired steam boiler supply

Gas fired steam boiler supply


Gas steam boiler manufacturer has strong technical force and rich production experience. Gas boiler adopts automatic microcomputer control system, the boiler automatic control, the function is all ready, can be set correct time, start time, stop time, also has the self-diagnosis function, once there is an exception occurs when the boiler operation, automatic interrupt water and burning, and send out sound and light alarm, safe and reliable, simple operation. If you have any questions about gas boiler, welcomed the advisory Zozen Boilers.

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