Automatic Gas Steam Boiler For Sale

Automatic gas steam boiler is a horizontal three-way boiler, which is mainly composed of boiler shell, furnace bile, back-combustion chamber, smoke pipe, etc. Fuel can use natural gas, liquefied gas, urban gas and other fuels. The gas fired steam boiler whole structure adopts the wet-back, corrugated furnace structure and symmetrical arrangement of heating surface, which makes the force and expansion of the boiler more reasonable.


Automatic gas steam boiler

Automatic gas steam boiler


The overall reasonable arrangement of heating surface of gas steam boiler ensures good water circulation and heat exchange, makes the heat transfer effect reach the best state, and effectively improves the boiler thermal efficiency. A full butt weld wet-back structure is also adopted to avoid damage to the back wall from high-temperature flue gas, thus ensuring reliable operation of the boiler. The combustion chamber adopts corrugated furnace, which can effectively reduce the thermal stress of the boiler and improve the safety performance and service life of the boiler.

Automatic gas steam boiler with high quality burners and advanced automatic control system makes combustion more stable, operation more convenient and operation more safe and reliable. This series of steam boiler installation time is short, after arriving at the site, connect the valve, water source, power supply, fuel pipeline, discharge pipeline can be put into operation. The boiler has compact structure, saves land, no dust removal, slag removal and other dust-proof equipment, auxiliary water and auxiliary fuel conveying equipment.

This series of industrial boilers occupy less space, have low running noise, low nitrogen, environmental protection and high degree of automation. The steam boiler is a set of automatic detection, control, chain alarm in one, intelligent control circulation pump, to achieve high intelligence. Network can be used, set the number of running stations, multiple working hours and load, effectively reduce the operating cost.

Gas fired boiler adopts threaded pipe structure to reduce cleaning work and improve thermal efficiency. At the same time, the use of high quality insulation materials, thermal insulation performance is good, light quality, improve thermal efficiency, convenient transportation, fast installation, safe and reliable use. The boiler is equipped with intelligent detection, control, interlocking alarm and other functions, which can effectively prevent overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, flameout and so on, and operate safely. The upper part of the gas boiler is also equipped with manhole device, and the lower part is equipped with inspection device for convenient maintenance.


Gas fired steam boiler supplier

Gas fired steam boiler supplier


Zozen Boilers is specializing in the production of high quality industrial boiler boiler manufacturer, we are committed to producing high quality boiler products, friendly and cooperative relations with many users. Automatic gas steam boiler is safe and stable in operation, competitive in price and reasonable in structure. Over the years, we provide a variety of boiler solutions for many users, the customer’s praise and trust, welcome to consult.

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