6bar Capacity Natural Gas Fired Boiler

The main components of natural gas are alkanes, which are colorless and odorless. Carbon dioxide and water occur during incineration. Basically no coal incineration of ash, sulfur and other harmful substances. The amount of dust in the flue gas is very small, and the flue gas discharged is easy to reach the standard required for incineration equipment. Greatly reduce the pollution to the environment. The use of natural gas fired boiler can meet the requirements of air pollutant discharge and greatly reduce the investment cost.


Natural gas fired boiler

Natural gas fired boiler


According to the existing data query, the boiler selection of natural gas, and participate in energy saving and emission reduction equipment (condenser, energy saver, incineration technology), can reduce 99% of harmful emissions. Thermal efficiency can also advance more than 20% to 40%, which is difficult to reach the height of most coal-fired boilers. This series of boiler products adopt wet back combustion design. The flue gas is returned three times in the furnace, and a threaded pipe is used as a heat transfer tube. The heat transfer tubes are evenly and symmetrically distributed on the left and right sides to prolong the flue gas flow and increase the convection heating surface of the boiler. So that the flue gas in disorder state, strengthen the heat transfer and facilitate the furnace tube self-cleaning.

Natural gas fired boiler scope of application includes food processing, feed mills, glass processing, schools, institutions, industrial parks and other heating industries. WNS series boiler drum is fixed on the body chassis through fixed and movable supports at both ends, and ensures the overall longitudinal thermal expansion of the boiler. The use of corrugated furnace and threaded smoke pipe further enhance heat transfer. With the energy saving equipment at the rear of the boiler according to different requirements, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is increased to more than 98%. At the same time, this series of gas boilers can realize automatic operation, with various interlock protection functions, easy operation, so that ZOZEN’S WNS gas boilers are widely welcomed by users from all walks of life.

This series of gas-fired boilers have carried out a series of testing and debugging work before the boiler leaves the factory to ensure the quality of the boiler leaves the factory. This type of boiler has high combustion efficiency, saving fuel and low fuel investment cost. Full pull side butt weld, boiler long service life, low maintenance cost. The tail is arranged with flue gas condensation recovery device, can effectively control the exhaust temperature, high thermal efficiency of the boiler. Gas boiler adopts automatic burner, water supply adopts continuous electric regulation, high combustion efficiency. With quick installation structure, the whole boiler is designed on the base of strong steel, convenient installation and transportation, saving the space area of the boiler room.


WNS series boiler

WNS series boiler


Natural gas fired boiler use finned condensing heat exchangers to effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature. The boiler has a large vapor phase space and a built-in high-efficiency steam-water separator, which reduces the steam humidity to below 3%. This series of WNS series boilers are equipped with high-efficiency and low-resistance spiral finned tube energy savers. It can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler without increasing the electric power of the burner blower. The energy saver is placed on the smoke box behind, and is detachably connected to the chimney, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. At the same time, the area occupied by the boiler room can be reduced.

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