8 bar Horizontal Coal Fired Steam Boilers

The two sides of the horizontal coal-fired boiler furnace are equipped with light tube water walls and form an airfoil flue. A set of smoke pipes is arranged in the drum, and the boiler is equipped with drum and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation. The 8 bar coal fired boilers equipment adopts compact dense-hole grate, and the fuel is fully burned. The fuel is manually fed, and then the flame passes through the rear wall to the ember chamber and upwards the airfoil flue. Then through the threaded smoke pipe of the front smoke box, and then through the economizer (optional), air preheater (optional), dust collector, and then drawn to the chimney atmosphere by the induced draft fan.


8 bar Horizontal Coal Fired Steam Boilers

8 bar coal fired boilers


The coal-fired steam boiler adopts LCD man-machine interface with full Chinese menu, screen control and dynamic graphic display of working and running status. The user only needs to set the working time parameters, select continuous/timed work, and the boiler can run automatically according to the set program. Adopt screen man-machine interface and programmable controller, Chinese menu man-machine dialogue. Clear and intuitive. Convenient and easy to operate.

The internal heating area of ​​the 8 bar coal fired boilers is larger than that of the coal-fired boiler of the same specification. It makes up for the shortcoming of the low calorific value of the raw pellet fuel. This type of coal-fired boiler is equipped with multiple interlock protections, plus double water level control and triple pressure protection. Make sure that the boiler is foolproof under various working conditions and arrive home. Use car-specific paint and glass wool packaging. Beautiful and elegant, never rust.

The coal-fired boiler has an advanced and unique design to ensure the boiler is reliable and economical. DZL series steam boiler adopts threaded smoke pipe, which has good thermal expansion and contraction. Scientific airflow design, uniform temperature field in the furnace, and effective absorption of flame heat, effective NOx generation. The valve adopts high-quality accessories, and the quality is guaranteed.


8 bar Horizontal Coal Fired Steam Boilers

Horizontal coal-fired boiler


The water walls of DZL series coal-fired boilers are all made of light tube water walls, which are easy to manufacture and process. The convection pipe in the drum adopts rolling threaded smoke pipe to improve the circulation of the working medium and increase the heat exchange. The boiler heat exchange system is composed of a drum, left and right headers, and water-cooled walls. The main heating surface is the furnace water-cooled wall, part of the drum, the inner thread smoke pipe of the drum, and the economizer at the end of the boiler.

8 bar coal fired boilers outer packaging protection plate using pressing protection plate, beautiful appearance. This product is composed of five parts when it leaves the factory: the main body of the boiler, the economizer, the flue air duct, the dust collector, and the piping system. The first four parts have been manufactured in the factory and can be transported to the installation site for assembly. The installation cycle can be shortened and the product installation quality can be guaranteed. The boiler furnace adopts the form of curved water-cooled wall tubes, drums and left and right headers, which can freely expand upwards.

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