Horizontal Coal Fired Assembly Steam Boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler furnace volume is large, has good dust settling function, convection tube bundle adopts “S” type structure, good infection effect, high thermal efficiency, good dust removal effect, convenient dust removal. Can burn coal and biomass fuel with high ash content, fire fully, burn thoroughly. The coal-fired assembly boiler heating area is small, the output is sufficient, the load regulation ability is strong.


Coal-fired assembly boiler

Coal-fired assembly boiler


The coal-fired steam boiler grate adopts double layer or single layer arrangement structure, which can better meet the actual needs of users. In the boiler convection tube bundle and economizer heating surface reserved soot blower interface, for special fuel can be taken necessary measures to prevent trouble. The basic structure of the series boiler products is composed of upper drum, lower drum, water wall, convection tube bundle, economizer, air preheater and other components. The front part of the boiler is composed of water wall furnace, and formed by the water wall before and after the water cooling arch, convection tube bundle is arranged between the upper and lower drum, the tube bundle is provided with a transverse partition, so that the transverse flow of flue gas, boiler tail arrangement economizer and air preheater.

Coal-fired assembly boiler adopts internal dust inertia separation, supplemented by multi – pipe dust collector or bag dust removal equipment. This series of steam boiler adopts automatic electric control system, complete monitoring instruments, can realize automatic water supply, overpressure and overtemperature alarm, advanced remote control function, online monitoring of dosage, fault alarm and other functions. Combustion equipment adopts light chain grate, speed regulation adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, easy adjustment, stable operation, also can use reciprocating grate, better adapt to inferior fuel.

The main welding seam of this type of coal-fired boilers adopts automatic welding, without repair record, to ensure its welding quality and improve the service life of the boiler. Tubesheet adopts advanced pressing technology to avoid the problem of tubesheet cracking. The boiler adopts optimized furnace arch, which has strong radiation, stable combustion, good effect and fast heating. The water wall is well made and effectively protects the furnace wall. Steam boiler working pressure can reach and exceed a certain rated pressure, full load operation design efficiency of 86.1 % boiler water capacity, is conducive to power failure protection. This series of boilers have high degree of automation, with pressure, water level pressure relief and other alarm measures as well as various interlocking and automatic control.


Coal-fired steam boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler


Coal-fired assembly boiler air distribution structure adopts the dense air chamber form of air inlet on both sides to achieve the uniformity of transverse air distribution along the grate. And can realize the control of air distribution according to the combustion stage, on both sides of the boiler along the length direction of seven air control doors, and seven ash cleaning handle, furnace personnel can reasonably adjust the air door opening according to the combustion needs. After treatment, the softened water enters the drum through the economizer, and a water distribution device is installed inside the upper drum. The water that enters the upper drum is distributed and enters the descending pipe, then enters the side collecting box, absorbs heat through the water-cooled wall pipe, and then returns to the upper drum. Another part enters the lower drum and returns to the upper drum through convection bundle heat absorption, and the saturated steam is led out from the main steam tube on the top of the upper drum.

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