Cost of 5Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler adopts screw pipe to strengthen the heat transfer, improve the heat transfer coefficient, reduce the volume of the boiler, and reduce the cost of users. The outlet water temperature ≤130℃ of the hot water boiler does not have a tail heating surface, steam boiler only horizontal layout of air preheater or economizer, so that the smoke in the boiler room, duct layout is simplified. Among them, the air preheater is equipped with a heat conduction element at the tip of the boiler superconducting heat pipe to maximize the use of waste heat, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and reduce the user’s cost. Coal fired boiler cost are reasonable setting. The boilers adopt a new process of integral casting of refractory concrete, which has good overall tightness, less heat loss, and strong and durable.


Coal fired boiler cost

Coal fired boiler cost


Coal fired boilers system work and work, start the feed water pump and water pump work, the water level of differential pressure transducer to detect the water level signal, stabilizing the drum water level. Guarantee the quality of the steam.Water level control instrument display boiler water level. The manual control can be manually touch keys on the control panel for manual control water pump and so on.

Coal fired boiler cost has reasonable setting and economizer at the end. It is a single cylinder longitudinal chain grate boiler. This series of boiler products are equipped with a drum induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a spiral slag discharge machine to achieve mechanical slag, complete control and monitoring instruments, safe and reliable operation of the boiler. Coalfired steam boiler coal should meet the requirements of GB/T18342-2001 “technical conditions for coal with chain grate boiler”, volatile content should > 20%, granularity requirements of burning coal with sorting or less debris, less than 3mm should not exceed 30%, the particle should not be greater than 30mm.

This series of products can be used by pulling part of the rising pipe on both sides of the collection box to the guard chamber, and then introducing the lower part of the drum side and the heat insulation at the bottom of the drum to form the heating surface on the top of the furnace, which successfully solves the problem that the bottom of the drum is directly radiated by the high temperature flame and avoids the defect of “bulge” with the novel furnace structure. The setting of flue flue on both wings of coal-fired boiler enables the flue gas to enter the front flue box smoothly, so that the temperature of the tube plate is the same before, and the crack of the tube plate is avoided due to the temperature stress. The single return thread smoke pipe is used in the drum to strengthen the heat transfer effect. At the same time, the thread smoke pipe has the function of self-dust removal to avoid the dust accumulation in the smoke pipe.


Coal-fired steam boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler


The front and back arches of the boiler are supported by water-cooled wall tubes, forming an arch. The rear arch of this series of boilers is low and long, and the outlet section is anti-inclined. The front arch inclination Angle of 45° echoes the rear arch, forming an obvious inverted “α” flame, which is conducive to the combustion of inferior coal and the adaptability of coal species is strong. There is an independent adjusting air chamber below the grate, air inlet on both sides; The new curved arm screw is used to adjust the structure, so that the ventilation cross section ratio can be reached; Flexible adjustment, uniform distribution of wind. Push-pull type sluice cleaning device is designed. Coal fired boiler cost reasonable, the sluice is made of heat-resistant cast iron, which is finished and sealed to effectively prevent secondary combustion deformation and grate air leakage.


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