Environmental 6 Tons Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler

The DZL type biomass boiler developed and produced by Zozen Boilers is a single-drum vertical chain grate boiler that uses biomass pellets as fuel. It is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving boiler products. The fuel biomass used in the biomass fired pellet boiler is an ideal renewable energy source, with a large amount of output every year. Using it to replace the burning of coal can not only reduce costs for enterprises and bring rich economic returns, but also increase the income of farmers by using waste and realize the common development of economic and social benefits. Not only that, this boiler also has the advantages of fast pressure rise, high thermal efficiency, and large heating area.


Biomass fired pellet boiler

Biomass fired pellet boiler


This type of biomass fired boiler is a horizontal three-pass water-fire tube boiler, designed with high-efficiency energy-saving and enhanced combustion technology to ensure the full combustion of fuel. What’s better is that the volume of the furnace and the burning chamber is very large, which is conducive to the burning and sedimentation of fly ash. There is a turning chamber for coarse separation of dust at the outlet flue gas window, which achieves the purpose of dust removal in the boiler furnace, reduces the emission of flue gas, and makes it meet the indicators of environmental protection regulations.

The 6Ton biomass steam boiler uses threaded smoke tubes to transfer heat, which improves thermal efficiency and reduces energy consumption. This series of steam boilers use membrane water-cooled walls to improve the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer effect, and reduce heat loss. The threaded smoke pipe is arranged inside the pot shell, and the overall air leakage is small, and the heat loss of the exhaust smoke is small. The welding seams of the biomass fired pellet boiler adopt advanced submerged arc automatic welding technology to ensure the welding quality.

This series of boiler products are equipped with a dust collector at the tail flue to ensure that the smoke and dust emission meets the environmental protection requirements. The two-wing flue of the biomass steam boiler is set up so that the flue gas can enter the front smoke box smoothly, so that the temperature of the previous tube sheet is the same, and avoiding tube sheet cracks due to temperature stress. The safety ring makes the grate run stably and reliably, and improves the combustion efficiency.


DZL type biomass boiler

DZL type biomass boiler


The boiler is a low nitrogen oxide biomass boiler with a variable arch structure, which includes a front, middle and back three-stage air chamber, a chain or a reciprocating grate, and a combined arch composed of a front supply and a rear supply. The front section air chamber and the rear section air chamber are arranged at the bottom of the pot bottom to realize segmented air distribution. The grate is arranged above the front and rear sections of the air chamber, the front section of the furnace tunnel is installed with an upwardly inclined front arch, and the rear section of the furnace is installed with an inclined rear arch. The biomass fired pellet boiler combines the fuel and combustion characteristics of biomass to make the boiler adapt to a wide variety of biomass, good burnout, and low pollution emissions.

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