Gas Fired Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Gas fired industrial steam boiler use international most mature three-pass all wet back structure,safety and reliable. Use waveform furnace, strengthens the disturbance of the smoke and increases the radiation heat transfer area; increases the stiffness of the furnace and effectively reduces the thermal stress of the furnace; enhance heat transfer and promote the combustion of fuel in the furnace.The heating surface is arranged symmetrically with solid structural strength and reasonable water circulation. Gas fired industrial boiler up part inside has full water capacity, big steam space and good quality steam. During procession, the water level fluctuation is small. Big distance between two ends boiler, big diameter of tubes, all of these ensure good natural circulation. This series of steam boiler with very small heat loss because of unique furnace and flue gas thermal surface design.

1 ton to 20 ton fire tube boiler

1 ton to 20 ton fire tube boiler

Gas fired steam boiler adopts three-way full wet back technology boiler structure. Reasonable design of furnace heat transfer and flue gas pipe radiant heat transfer, reasonable boiler layout, high thermal efficiency. Gas fired boilers have larger water capacity and adopt integral radiant heat transfer and heat transfer technology, especially suitable for medium and large boilers. The furnace adopts unique combustor layout, the whole combustor is located in the center of the boiler water, make full use of radiant heat transfer heating boiler water, and corrugated furnace as combustor, make full combustion, heat exchange more full, boiler thermal efficiency is higher. The design of furnace heating surface is simplified, the heating area is larger, the stress is less, more stable and the thermal efficiency is higher.

WNS series steam boiler design structure is advanced and reasonable, three-pass design it is with a wet back smokeless transfer chamber, spiral groove tube, independent front and rear smoke box, packed with stainless steel, beautiful, generous, mature technology, stable and safe operation. The boiler has higher thermal efficiency through external energy saving equipment. This series of gas fired boilers have a high degree of automation, automatic control, flame monitoring, automatic ignition system, automatic filter and other automatic monitoring Settings, smooth and reliable operation, welcome to consult.

The technical index of WNS series gas fired boiler produced by our factory has reached the world advanced level and is in the leading level of boiler industry. The gas boiler adopts the structure of mechanical and electrical integration, with generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation and less capital construction investment. It not only follows the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also meets the thermal energy required by the project. In production and use, this kind of boiler really achieved clean combustion, no pollution emission, convenient operation, sufficient output.

gas fired industrial steam boiler

gas fired industrial steam boiler

Gas fired industrial boiler is equipped with imported burners with good automatic control, realizing full automatic operation. The rear view device is designed to facilitate the observation of combustion conditions. Designed over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, leak detection, flameout and other protective functions, the boiler operation is safe and reliable. Gas steam boiler package has color plate, mirror stainless steel or matte stainless steel in three forms, beautiful appearance. Zozen Boilers manufacturing boiler products, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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