2000kg Gas Steam Boilers For Food Factory

Food is an essential thing in People’s Daily life. Food processing is now not only responsible for filling our stomachs, but also for enriching our material lives. Under the stimulation of market economy, the industrial production now needs to carry on the mass production, the gas steam boilers supply is also essential to the food industry. Steam and hot water from gas-fired boilers are widely used in food processing such as distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying and so on.


2000 kg gas boiler

2000 kg gas boiler


Zozen Boilers is specialized is engaged in the boiler design, manufacturing, sales of products such as comprehensive enterprise. My factory boiler product sells well Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on dozens of countries and regions. Steam boiler is horizontal type combustion chamber gas boiler, for the food industry for high requirements, steam quality Zozen Boilers on the basis of existing products for the overall optimization.

We retain the large volume combustion chamber design, so that the combustion is more full. Optimum quality of steam is ensured by controlling boiler water level, pressure and boiler load. At the same time, this series of industrial boilers adopt advanced corrugated furnace tank structure. While increasing the heat transfer area, it also meets the free expansion of the furnace after heating, which completely meets the production demand after putting into production. The gas-fired steam boiler is equipped with imported feed water pump and burner, fully automatic program control and high degree of automation. Can make the boiler to achieve the combustion effect.

Gas boilers can be divided into natural gas boilers, city gas boilers, coke oven gas boilers, liquefied petroleum gas boilers and biogas boilers, etc. The series of gas boiler flame in the large combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion, complete extension. Low combustion heat load, high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reduce smoke exhaust temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, use more economical. The corrugated furnace tube and threaded pipe structure are adopted to improve the heat absorption intensity of the boiler and meet the needs of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface, which are scientific, reasonable and durable.

Gas steam boilers supply adopts advanced steam boiler automatic controller, man-machine interface. As long as the user can easily set, the boiler can start and stop according to the user’s requirements, load regulation, automatic water supply and other automatic operation. The boiler has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, with self-diagnosis function. Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the boiler operation, the combustion will be interrupted automatically and the acousto-optic alarm will be issued.


Gas fired boilers for sale

Gas fired boilers for sale


Gas steam boilers supply is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, garment, garment factories, dry cleaning shops, restaurants, hotels, hotel, restaurant, canteens, food factory, beverage factory, bean products, meat products factory, cannery, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, packing plants, building materials factory, paint factory, beauty salons, bath center and other places of the enterprises and institutions. Zozen Boilers are specialized in producing all kinds of boiler products, welcome you to consult and purchase.


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