High Quality Gas Steam Boiler Feature

Gas boiler production will be equipped with steam boiler dedicated computer controller. Gas steam boiler feature outstanding with large screen and LCD screen, the display function is rich, which can intuitively display the running state of the controller, the collected pressure and water level. This series of steam boiler control functions are complete, with intelligent control of boiler water level, steam pressure control, limit low water level alarm and interlock protection, high water level alarm, ultra-high steam pressure alarm and interlock protection and other automatic control functions.


Gas steam boiler feature

Gas steam boiler feature


The gas fired steam boiler adopts original imported burner with automatic programmed control. Fan automatic purge, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion of oil and gas, automatic proportional regulation of air, good atomization effect, full combustion, low NOX, energy saving and environmental protection. Under normal circumstances, when the steam pressure of the boiler reaches the set value, the burner will automatically stop burning, and when the steam pressure is lower than the set value, the burner will automatically start working. In case of abnormal fuel and air inlet, the fault light will be on and the programmed control device will immediately stop the fuel output and the burner will stop automatically.

This series of gas fired boiler body is designed and manufactured with three – return, wet – back, corrugated furnace. It can cause strong disturbance to the flame, increase the radiation heating surface, increase the heat transfer coefficient, and effectively prevent the reduction of equipment life caused by metal thermal expansion and cold contraction. The whole machine has high automation degree and perfect safety protection. The operation process is fully automated, with automatic water replenishment, water shortage, overpressure, automatic power outage and alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection systems.

Gas steam boiler feature remarkable, high degree of automation, perfect safety protection, the running process is fully automated. With automatic water supply, water shortage, overpressure, automatic power off and alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection system. The boiler is mechanical and electrical integration, occupies small space, the whole fast installation factory, easy to install and use. The whole production process of the products shall be under the supervision of the management department, and the products shall be qualified according to the relevant experience standards before they are put into storage and sold. Please feel assured to buy them.

Gas boilers are widely used in schools, textile factories, clothing factories, large supermarkets, garment factories, printing and dyeing factories, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, soybean products factories, meat products factories, canning plants, wineries, pharmaceutical factories, packaging factories, building materials factories, coating factories and other places. This series of steam boilers adopt fully automatic burner with good technical performance as the main combustion equipment, the combustion program of the burner is controlled by more advanced combustion program controller, which can realize various functions necessary for normal combustion of the boiler.


Gas fired steam boiler for sale

Gas fired steam boiler for sale


Zozen Boilers production gas steam boiler feature significantly, exports more than 100 countries and regions, get the customer the consistent high praise and trust. Over the years, we have been committed to producing quality boilers and providing solutions to thousands of customers’ boiler questions. I plant can also according to customer needs, one – to – one customized services for customers to provide comprehensive boiler solutions services, welcome to consult the procurement.

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